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École Polytechnique offers a scholarship agreement for Mexican students

The Brockmann Foundation and l’X signed an agreement to provide a new scholarship for Mexican students. Awarded once a year, this scholarship will allow an eligible candidate to enroll in one of the School's eight Master's degree programs of Science & Technology.
17 Jan. 2022
International, Education

As part of their new agreement, École Polytechnique and the Brockmann Foundation will offer an annual scholarship for Mexican students who are living in Mexico. Established in 1992, the Brockmann Foundation is committed to providing talented young Mexicans with access to a high-quality academic education abroad. It thus offers scholarships to Mexican students striving to study for a master's degree at a foreign university.

The accord between the foundation and l’X enables the beneficiaries of the "Beca MOB" scholarship to study in one of École Polytechnique's eight Master’s degree programs in Science & Technology (MScT). Granted once per year, the €25,000 scholarship covers the tuition fees for the first year of the MScT program and part of the living expenses. In addition, École Polytechnique has committed to waiving the tuition fees for the second year of the MScT program for the scholarship holders.

To pursue Guillermo Brockmann's mission, the "Beca MOB" scholarships come with a condition: scholarship recipients are expected to contribute to Mexico's development and modernization after graduation.

Upon their return to Mexico, the scholarship holders have the necessary competencies and skills to enrich Mexico's technological and cultural level. Not only will they have acquired technical knowledge and practiced a foreign language, but they will also have gained additional skills enabling them to become active citizens and future decision-makers in the government or private sector and likely to get into positions in which they can contribute to Mexico's development and help improve its educational standards.

Therefore, the foundation expects the "Beca MOB" scholarship beneficiaries to commit to returning to Mexico to work after completing their master's degree (or eventual doctorate) for a minimum of five years.

The French Embassy in Mexico was involved in negotiating the three years agreement and will accompany École Polytechnique and the Brockmann Foundation on the project. The students' selection and the scholarship's attribution will be made in mutual agreement of the two parties, École Polytechnique and the Brockmann Foundation.

École Polytechnique is France's first higher education institution, which holds an accord with the Brockmann Foundation to provide "Beca MOB" scholarships. Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and Columbia University in the United States also have agreements with the foundation.