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European Microscopy Life Sciences Awards 2020 winner : Emmanuel Beaurepaire

15 Jun. 2020

Distinguished by the Raimond Castaing Prize of the French Microscopy Society in 2019, Emmanuel Beaurepaire will be awarded the 2020 European Microscopy Award in the "Life Sciences" category at the annual conference of the European Microscopy Society, which will be held in digital format at the end of summer.

This prize rewards the research work of Emmanuel, CNRS Research Director, and of his team at the Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences (LOB*), on the development of novel cutting-edge microscopy techniques with applications in developmental biology and neurobiology. Notably, he pushed forward deep-tissue imaging methods, with important applications for the study of developing tissues in animal models, by introducing advanced techniques such as multicolor two-photon or three-photon excitation, third-harmonic generation imaging, adaptive optics, pulse shaping, etc.

Discover Emmanuel Beaurepaire's research in a 2014 conference about his work (French):


Discover the ChroMS technique for visualizing neurons in brain tissue, presented by Lamiae Abdeladim while she was preparing her PhD at LOB under the co-supervision of Emmanuel Beaurepaire, Willy Supatto, and Jean Livet (Institut de la Vision):


*LOB is a research unit jointly affiliated with CNRS, Inserm, and École polytechnique