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Graduation of the first class of the Specialized Master's program ETRE in Ivory Coast

The first class of the specialized Master's program "Renewable Energies: Technology and Entrepreneurship" (ETRE), launched by École Polytechnique and Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouët-Boigny in September 2021 to train executives specialized in renewable energy in Ivory Coast, successfully completed the curriculum. The graduation ceremony took place at the French embassy in Abidjan, on 1st March 2024, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Côte d'Ivoire Jean-Christophe Belliard.
Graduation of the first class of the Specialized Master's program ETRE in Ivory Coast
07 Mar. 2024

On Friday, March 1st, 2024, thirty-two students of the specialized Master's degree in "Renewable Energies: Technology and Entrepreneurship" (ETRE) received their diploma during the first class’s graduation ceremony at the French embassy in Abidjan. The Ivorian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Adama Diawara, honored the event with his presence. Representatives of the two institutions jointly offering the Master’s degree ETRE - École Polytechnique and the Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouët-Boigny (INP-HB) – were present, as were representatives of the Ivorian Ministry of Mines, Oil and Energy and the Ministry of the Environment.

Following the opening speech given by the French Ambassador to Côte d'Ivoire Jean-Christophe Belliard, Moussa Diaby, General Director of INP-HB, Paul Forien, Deputy Director of International Relations at École Polytechnique who represented the school's Provost Dominique Rossin at the ceremony, and Bernard Drévillon, Academic Director of the Master's degree ETRE at École Polytechnique, took the floor.

The three students who completed the Master’s program with the best results received their diplomas from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Adama Diawara. Bernard Drévillon handed the diploma certificates to the remainder of the students who successfully completed the program.

Of the 32 students graduating, eight earned their diplomas with highest distinction, out of a class of 39 students. Illustrating the quality of the specialized Master's degree, several graduates of this first class have already received job offers or have been promoted internally within the companies they work for. Additionally, other graduates have founded their own start-ups in the renewable energy sector.

The highest-performing student of this first class, Emmanuel Djeket, explains that "Ivory Coast’s policy to increase the energy mix has been [...] a strong motivation to pursue the specialized Master's program ETRE". After graduating from the University Félix Houphouët-Boigny with a mathematics, physics, chemistry, and technology degree, Emmanuel Djeket completed an industrial engineering degree specializing in energy at INP-HB. He is currently working on "building the largest biomass power plant in West Africa" and plans to pursue his career in this field, focusing "on biomass power plant projects, in the planning phase, as also its construction and operation".

Remise du diplôme du Mastère ETRE au major de la promotion Emmanuel Djeket

Bernard Drévillon, academic director of the Master ETRE at l'X, Prof. Adama Diawara, Minister of Higher Education and Research in Ivory Coast, Emmanuel Djeket, the valedictorian of the class, and Moussa Diaby (from left to right)

The success of the Master's program is also due to the partnership with the Ministry of Mines, Oil, and Energy of Ivory Coast and French industry partners such as EDF, Air Liquide, Bouygues, and TotalEnergies, which provide scholarships to help students cover their tuition fees.

Several representatives of international partners operating in the renewable energies sector (EDF, Air Liquide, TotalEnergies) attended the graduation ceremony. Their contribution to the program’s success, thanks to scholarships as well as internship and recruitment opportunities, was acknowledged.

"The opportunity to deepen [his] technical knowledge while exploring the economic, social, and environmental aspects of renewable energies" drew Léopold Nioulé’s interest to this specialized Master’s program. Léopold Nioulé, salutatorian of the class, elaborates: "The experimental work and, subsequently, the internship during the last period of the program enabled me to apply my knowledge in a real-life context."

His internship with a company specializing in photovoltaic energy led to a permanent contract. Léopold Nioulé emphasizes that the Master’s program ETRE brought a new direction to his career plan. "I changed from being a young chemist looking for a job to becoming a PMO engineer in a multinational company developing innovative, environmentally-friendly energy solutions.“ 

Les diplômés lors de la cérémonie

Training future executives specialized in renewable energy in Ivory Coast

Launched in 2021, the specialized Master’s program " Renewable Energies: Technology and Entrepreneurship " (ETRE) covers the different technologies used to generate renewable energy, while addressing economic and management aspects. The program is aimed at candidates who already hold a Master’s degree - or a Bachelor’s degree plus at least three years of work experience - and takes place over 15 to 18 months in Ivory Coast. 
Mainly organized by École Polytechnique, the first period of the program revolves around academic classes on decarbonized energy technologies, the integration of renewable energies, financing and economics, and various other subjects. The following period is centered on experimental exercises and studies organized at INP-HB to enable students to gain practical experiences. The Master’s program concludes with an internship period.

The Master's program’s objective is to train high-level executives to contribute to reinforcing the development of renewable energies in Ivory Coast and West Africa over the next few years. The Ivorian government's national action plan for renewable energies (PANER) aims to increase the percentage of renewable energies in the energy mix to 42% by 2030. The plan includes photovoltaic, hydropower, and biomass to accelerate the country's energy transition.

Supporting the objectives set by the government, the Master's program ETRE trains high-level executives with the required skills. The program enables students to acquire cutting-strengthening the development of renewable energies in Ivory Coast and West Africa over the next few years. The Ivorian government's national action plan for renewable energies (PANER) knowledge in renewable energy technologies while meeting the private sector's needs. As the program includes an internship period, it also involves industrial partners based in Ivory Coast. Depending on the company's needs, some internships may lead to subsequent hiring.

Supporting the energy transition in Ivory Coast and West Africa

L’X and INP-HB jointly designed the Master’s program ETRE as they participated in a call for proposals from the Franco-Ivorian regional hub for education. The program ETRE won the call for proposals in July 2019 and has been a great success since its launch in September 2021. 

With a 25% increase in enrolment within two years, the program is also attracting students from Ivory Coast's neighboring countries, including Senegal, Cameroon, Guinea, Congo, Niger and Burkina Faso. The class that started the program at the beginning of the academic year 2023/ 2024 comprises 50 students, of which 40 are Ivorians.
The academic and pedagogical dimension of the program is jointly managed by École Polytechnique and INP-HB. The academic directors are Bernard Drévillon for l’X and Charles Konan for INP-HB. Angélique Rasiah is coordinating the program ETRE at l’X and Aminata Soto at INP-HB.