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IP Paris and Accenture enter into a five-year strategic partnership

23 Nov. 2020

Planned for an initial five-year period, the "Technology for Change" Chair aims to accelerate and support ecological, economic, social and societal transitions through technology and innovation.Its research and teaching are based on the expertise of the 30 research laboratories of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) and its 950 teacher-researchers. The Chair will also develop trasverse projects at the service of environmental and social sustainability.

The partnership in which the Chair is involved is concluded by Jean-Marc Ollagnier (President of Accenture Europe), Olivier Girard (President of Accenture France and Benelux), Éric Labaye (President of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris) and Jean-Paul Cottet (General Delegate of the École Polytechnique Foundation).

Courses are aimed at tomorrow's students and decision-makers and will be integrated into IP Paris' programmes. They will focus on a variety of themes such as inclusive innovation, energy transition, sustainable technology, the circular economy, sustainable business models, and responsible and solidarity-based finance. The Chair will award a certificate to the IP Paris students most committed to these fundamental issues.

Led by Thierry Rayna, Professor at the École polytechnique within the i3 laboratory (Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation - CNRS, École polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, Télécom Paris), the "Technology for Change" Chair will act as a platform for rapid response to societal and environmental problems, in connection with the 17 sustainable development objectives of the UN's Agenda 2030.

One of the major objectives of the Chair is to become a world reference and a major player within European universities by promoting the economy and sustainable development through technological innovation.  The Chair will bring together representatives of civil society, the scientific community, businesses and public authorities at annual events (Etats généraux, technological challenges and hackathons) around these themes. It will also publish an annual reference document providing an overview of cutting-edge research conducted on these subjects, in order to support decision-makers in their decision-making processes.