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A student from l'X participates in the European Student Assembly

From May 31st to June 2nd, at the premises of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Natalia Pietruszewska, a Master of Science & Technology student at École Polytechnique, and Abu Bakar Ali, a Bachelor student at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), both represented the EuroTeQ Engineering University, of which École Polytechnique is a founding member. The European Students' Assembly brought together over a hundred students from European universities.
A student from l'X participates in the European Student Assembly
05 Jun. 2023
International, Education

Initiated by the European Universities Community, the European Student Assembly brings together representatives from European universities once a year and invites them to express their perspectives on Europe's major challenges. The event aims to bridge the gap between citizens and their institutional leaders (Municipalities, NGOs, etc.) and to strengthen democracy in Europe as well.

The participants prepared themselves for the assembly over several months. They collaborated with experts, completed online training on writing legislative articles, and learned to analyze political and legal contexts.

Civic commitment

Conscientious of the importance of contributing as citizens to shaping Europe's future, Natalia Pietruszewska, a student in École Polytechnique's Master of Science & Technology program "Smart Cities Economics and Climate Policy", and Abu Bakar Ali, a Bachelor student at the Technical University of Denmark, participated in the discussions and contributed to the recommendations on various topics such as energy, inclusion, democracy, digital transition, and mental health. The event allowed the two students to demonstrate their civic commitment. Following the assembly, the students' recommendations were presented to different stakeholders in the presence of European Parliament member Anne Sander.

Students' role in shaping Europe's future

Participating in the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg provided students with the opportunity to broaden their horizons, develop their knowledge of governance, and propose recommendations for today's challenges.

"It was an honor to attend the Assembly alongside other European students. It is an excellent way to promote progress and rethink the implementation of policies and solutions that are important for future generations", said Natalia Pietruszewska.

Natalia also expressed her desire to contribute to the energy transition in Europe as a future engineer, economist, and policymaker. She is convinced that her experiences within companies and non-governmental organizations will enable her to contribute to building a new Europe.

"This event was an amazing experience that allowed me to contribute to the discussion on sustainable cities and European autonomy. Furthermore, it was also an invaluable platform for personal development, collaboration, and promoting a sense of unity amongst the participants", she stressed.

Following a vote in the plenary session, 75 recommendations on ten themes were selected. The students will soon participate in a series of events to disseminate their proposals to political representatives, companies, NGOs, etc. This way, they can weigh in on the elaboration process of future laws.

EuroTeQ Engineering University is proud of its students’ involvement in strategic initiatives that contribute to shaping Europe. The European university and all its partners encourage students to continue playing an active role in decisions that influence their future.