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Copie de Maps and directions

Copie de Maps and directions

Access to the Biology department:

The Department is signposted on the general map of the Ecole Polytechnique campus;
The premises of the BIOC (Building 84 - 3rd floor) and LOB (Building 84 - 2nd floor) laboratories

Location map:

Mention Etage 2 - Département de Biologie in the Search menu to access it.
The Department of Biology (DEPBIO) is located on the 2nd floor, in the extension of the PC41 corridor in the Laboratory part of the campus and occupies the top floor.
The Secretariat is located opposite the wing (Building 5, office 05.30.77)


Orientation & Transport
Map of the École Polytechnique campus and access conditions to the site.
Plan of small classes and amphitheaters.


The Palaiseau campus:

Access et mobility:

The École Polytechnique public reception service is located in the hall of building 69, accessible from the Cour Ferrié.

By public transport:
2 itineraries are possible: from the Massy-Palaiseau station or the Lozère station.
Connecting buses link the station to the campus.

RER B Massy-Palaiseau station:
At the station, take the TransEssonne 91.06 or 91.10 bus
Get off at: the "Les Joncherettes" (LOA and ENSTA), "Lozère", or "Laboratoires". 

Lozère RER B station:
Exit the station via exit 1 “Place de la gare, École polytechnique”, then take the pedestrian access and climb the stairs to the top of the plateau (300 steps, around 15-20 minutes walk).

You can prepare and calculate your itinerary with the RATP or Vianavigo.

Acces by road:
Park in the Ceremonial Court car park
From the Porte d'Orléans or Porte d'Italie: by the A6 highway.
From the Pont de Sèvres : by the N118.
Consult the traffic status in real time.

Know more about access within Polytechnique de Paris campus

Teaching-Research Department of Biology
Polytechnic university
91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France

President : Mr. Thomas Simonson (01 69 33 48 60) - BIOC, Local 84
(3rd floor office 84:30-17)
Vice-president: Mr. Nicolas David (01 69 33 50 88) - BIOC, Local 84
(2nd floor, office 84:20-24)
Mr. Yves Mechulam: (01 69 33 48 85) - BIOC, Local 84 (office 84:30-18)
Assistant and secretary: Mrs Catherine Morais (01 69 33 40 25) -
Department, Local 5 (office 05.30.77)