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On-Campus Clubs and Associations

The École Polytechnique's dynamic and diverse community life really sets it apart. The students run almost 250 associations and three quarters of polytechnicians take part in them.

The École Polytechnique's vibrant student life can be attributed to the wide range of associations available to students. In total, polytechnicians take part in almost 250 associations in a great variety of cultural, artistic, social, scientific, religious and sporting activities.

These associations, known as "binets" in polytechnician jargon punctuate campus life, enabling like-minded students to get together and share their passions. This involvement in the associations is unique with over three quarters of École Polytechnique students taking part. Campus community life is an integral part of students' education at the École Polytechnique, fostering the development of a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit among students. The multitude of association activities creates a very lively social scene on campus.

Student associations

> Student Council, Event-Planning, and Recreational Clubs
> Religious, International, and Regional Clubs
> Charitable, Scientific, and Artistic Clubs
> Civic Associations and Sports Clubs
> Master's and Doctoral Student Associations