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Research Center

The École Polytechnique Research Center combines the most fundamental aspects of research with the pursuit of progress in the most applied main fields in order to meet future scientific, technological and societal challenges.

Multidisciplinary research
The École Polytechnique's research strategy is built around three pillars: 22 laboratories, eight areas of research which meet the challenges of society and technology through cross-laboratory and multidisciplinary projects.
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Cutting edge science laboratories
The École Polytechnique's 22 laboratories span all major scientific fields. 21 of the École's laboratories are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).
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A center at the heart of Paris-Saclay
The research center is located at the heart of the Paris-Saclay Campus, thus helping to strengthen collaboration on a local level with the other education and research teams from the various grandes écoles and universities located in the Plateau de Saclay.
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Extensive equipment and facilities
The École Polytechnique's research center supports a laboratory equipment policy which encourages the sharing of major resources with both national and international research teams.
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