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Research Collaborations

Develop a Research Partnership with École Polytechnique
École Polytechnique uses its research resources to support knowledge and innovation-based economic growth. École Polytechnique encourages research partnerships with businesses and industry.
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Research partnerships built around the École Polytechnique's patents
École Polytechnique holds patents developed in its laboratories. It can use them as part of its collaboration with businesses. Following this collaboration, the business can then confirm the licensed use of the patent(s) created together.
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Various types of Research Collaborations
> Contractual research partnership

A bilateral collaborative research contract for a scientific project is the most common form. A research project is developed for a topic that is of mutual interest to the laboratory and business or industry. The laboratory provides the resources, means, expertise and equipment to obtain results.
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> Collaborative research partnership
The École Polytechnique's laboratories also take part in collaborative research partnerships supported by outside financing. These include projects for the National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche - ANR) and other national agencies, European projects, and projects backed by local governments.
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> Convention Industrielle de Formation Par la Recherche (CIFRE - Industrial Agreement for Training through Research)
CIFRE provides businesses with financial aid to recruit young PhD students whose research projects, conducted in conjunction with an outside laboratory, will lead to a thesis being presented . The École Polytechnique has approximately thirty CIFRE PhD students.
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> The doctoral expert advisor position
This system provides businesses with the expertise of a second-year PhD student within a research center laboratory.
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Office of Research Partnerships and Intellectual Property : missions and team
The primary mission of the Collaborative Research and Intellectual Property Department is to establish research partnerships.
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