Internships and Opportunities

Internships and Opportunities

The Space Center of Ecole Polytechnique regularly offers opportunities to join its most ambitious projects. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Joining the projects – Student Internships

We offer internships to work on our Ionsat and Crocus Nanosatellite projects. Internships can be on a wide range of subjects: electronics and onboard systems, altitude control, orbit control, etc.
Do not hesitate to contact us!


Développement du logiciel de vol d'IonSat

Développement des interfaces et de l’architecture électrique d'IonSat

Techniques de contrôle robuste d’attitude pour IonSat

Mise à jour de la station sol du CSEP et du contrôle-commande

Analyse thermique et contrôle passif de la température pour IonSat

Other opportunities

We propose to help students in their search for projects, internships or jobs in the space sector. Below, you will find different suggestions. This page is updated regularly.

List of european PMEs

ESA collects and gathers a lot of information on European PMEs on space. Check the complete database on the following site

Thales Alenia Space

As a sponsor of the ESDS teaching program, ThalesAlenia Space offers internships for students from École Polytechnique.

Supervise our projects - PhD students

The CSEP is based on student projects supervised by doctoral students in the context of the so-called complementary missions. The workload of this supervision missions corresponds to an average of half a day per week during the school year.

We are looking for all types of profiles: mechanical, electronic, automation, etc. If you are interested in the field of space, do not hesitate to contact us!