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Student Council, Event-Planning, and Recreational Clubs

Statutory societies

> The Student Council
Kès is the name of the École Polytechnique's Student Council. Founded in 1804, in the past this institution was used to fund disadvantaged students' tuition fees thanks to contributions from the wealthy. Today, an association under French law 1901, the Kès retains this role for international students. Its allocations have become enriched and highly diversified, in particular with the Plateau de Saclay.
The Kès is made up of sixteen students called "kessiers". Their missions are to: create a link between the year groups and the administration, to coordinate campus life and run almost 250 societies.
Kès on Twitter
Kès on Facebook

Events clubs

Festive clubs
> Bal de l’X
Every year, this club organizes the École Polytechnique Ball at the Garnier opera house, in cooperation with the Alumni Association (AX).
> Point Gamma
The Point Gamma is held in June each year. This event, the largest student gala in all of France, gathers almost 7,000 students.
Point Gamma on Twitter
> Nuit du Styx
This club organizes the majority of student evening events, also providing the necessary equipment.
Nuit du Styx website

Sports clubs
> 24H Natation
This sports event, a 24-hour swim relay, is held in the École Polytechnique's swimming pools for a charitable organization.
> The X-Systra fencing challenge
The biggest student fencing competition in the world, gathering almost 300 participants from renowned French and international grandes écoles and universities.
The X-Systra fencing challenge website
X-Systra fencing challenge on Twitter
This club organizes the École Polytechnique's International Judo Tournament.
> Raid de l’X
The Raid X-Areva is a multi-sport nature trek carried out by teams of two people which has been organized every year since 2003 by the Trekking club.
> Jumping
Each year Jumping International de l'X welcomes almost 150 of the world's greatest riders of all nationalities.
> Sywoc
The SYWoC (Student Yachting World Cup) is organized by École Polytechnique students. This competition gathers the best student crews in the world for a week of regattas.

Recreational clubs

> Bôbar
The BôBar is the student lounge. This friendly, social setting hosts the majority of student evening events.
> Styx
The Styx club owns the majority of the sound system equipment used for the École Polytechnique's evening events.
The JTX, which stands for Journal Télévisé de l'X (the École Polytechnique's television news), is the student video club which produces its own videos and covers the majority of the École Polytechnique's major events.
> Œnology
The oenology club organizes and coordinates the oenological activities held on and off campus.
The SDDX club organizes Sustainable Development Week at the École Polytechnique. This club prepares the event's workshops and conferences.
The ELSE club, the Épicerie Locale Solidaire et Éthique (Local, Socially Responsible and Ethical Grocers), sells essential products, mainly food, which are mostly locally produced in the Plateau de Saclay.
The ADO club brings together students with an interest in music. It takes care of the sound system for concert evenings and also includes music groups.
> Faerix
This club is for students interested in role playing, board games and network games.
Each year in May, this club organizes the integration weekend to promote new arrivals at the campus.
This club organizes the DEZintegration weekend, in contrast to the WEI, shortly before the year group's departure in April.
The JSP club organizes Polytechnician Ski Days and the Festive Season Week.
The Voyage d’Option Sportive club: during the holidays at the end of October, each sports section organizes a trip in which a large proportion of students participate.