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Equal Opportunity Programs and Activities

The programs organized by the Diversity and Success Center are based around three themes : social diversity, gender equality, and the disabled. These programs cover the entire country and are open to all types of students : middle-schoolers, high school students, young dropouts.

Social Diversity Programs
> Programs targeting middle-school students
Zupdeco : through this association, a group of ten Polytechnicians lead study support sessions for middle-school students from disadvantaged families with below-average grades in French and Mathematics. This program seeks to reduce dropout rates.
> Programs targeting high school students
Une Grande École Pourquoi Pas Moi ? Since 2006, École polytechnique has participated in the Une Grande École, Pourquoi Pas Mo i? (Why Shouldn’t I Go to a Grande École ?) program which targets young high school students. This program assists students from backrgounds which are non-conducive to studies, providing support during three years of their high school education so that they may develop new skills and behaviors which will enable them to afterwards pursue higher education.
In this association, 50 Polytechnicians lead tutorial sessions every Wednesday on the École Polytechnique campus for 90 students from neighboring Essonne regional high schools: Robert Doisneau in Corbeil-Essonnes, Albert Einstein in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, and Essouriau in Les Ulis.
Tremplin : A group of ten Polytechnicians run this association and hold tutorial and academic support sessions for high school students in the ZEP (Priority Education Zone) schools of Athis-Mons (91) and Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (94). These students are in scientific concentrations at high-priority high schools.

> Programs targeting students after high school graduation
X Post-Bac Scholarships from the Foundation: Each year, thanks to the funds raised by the École Polytechnique Campaign and the generosity of its alumni, the “X Post-Bac” Program grans financial aid to students who seek to continue their studies in higher education. These students are participants in the École polytechnique youth outreach program Une Grande Ecole, Pourquoi Pas Moi? In addition to financial support, the selected students receive individual mentoring from a Polytechnician.

Gender Equality Programs
>"X au féminin" : Around twenty female Polytechnicians form the Missettes club, which promotes the academic programs and opportunities at École polytechnique among young women to encourage more women in scientific careers. They organize field trips to businesses or laboratories, such as those in the Research Center on campus.

Programs Promoting Accessibility to Disabled Persons
>ASK - Handicap : A dozen Polytechnicians in the ASK association (The Action Sociale de la Kès association is combined of several different civic associations) have focused on diabled awareness, organizing outreach sessions to discuss disabled issues with other Polytechnicians. The goal of these sessions, workshops, and meetings is to promote exchanges to best approach these issues from the viewpost of a future colleague or manager of a disabled person.
Around 30 students in the ASK association, in cooperation with the Companieros association, are enrolled in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on Disabled Management so that they may earn a certification as a responsible manager in terms of disabled management.
>The FÉDÉEH (Student Federation for a Work and Study Dynamic with Disabilities) participates in X-Forum, the École polytechnique business and career fair, by organizing a “handicafé", a casual meeting space between disabled candidates and recruteurs.