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Undertaking innovative scientific research is a long-standing tradition at École Polytechnique. Trust in the results obtained from this research is an essential condition for progress and, as such, École Polytechnique strives to avoid any practice that could be detrimental to the quality and reputation of the scientific work it produces.

In pursuit of this goal, École Polytechnique appointed a Scientific Integrity Advisor and a Committee composed of four members.

You may use this form to contact the Scientific Integrity Advisor, Michel Rosso.

The role of the Advisor is to serve as the first point of contact for any suspected breach of scientific integrity (fraud, plagiarism, falsification of data etc.) within a laboratory of École Polytechnique. In particular, students, post-doctoral researchers and other researchers at École Polytechnique are invited to contact the Advisor if they are confronted with or suspect a problem of this nature. The Advisor may decide to call upon the Scientific Integrity Committee to conduct an investigation, if necessary. The Advisor acts as a mediator in cases of conflict where he or she considers that a compromise between the parties is the preferred outcome.

The composition of the Committee is as follows:

President:           Benoît Deveaud (Vice-Provost for Research)

Members:          Dominique Rossin

                             Jeremy Huet

                             Pierre-Jean Benghozi

This Committee is responsible for reviewing complaints that fall within its remit and deciding on appropriate actions to take on such complaints, potentially following a preliminary investigation. The Committee acts as a mediator in cases of conflict where it considers that a compromise between the parties is the preferred outcome. In cases where the Committee suspects serious violations of scientific integrity, it shall forward its conclusions to École Polytechnique senior management and, if necessary, assist in the establishment of a specific commission of inquiry in coordination with any other supervisory authorities.


At the beginning of the 2018 academic year, in order to define the principles governing scientific integrity at the institution, École Polytechnique issued the Directive on Integrity in Research and Good Scientific Practice at École Polytechnique and the Procedure to Follow in the Event of a Breach of Scientific Integrity.


The institution also provides links to sites with details on tools for preventing plagiarism and good practices to follow in this area, as well as the risks to which plagiarists—whether professors-researchers or students—expose themselves.

These resources also allow victims of plagiarism to identify which steps to take in order to defend themselves.

- Plagiarism and Scientific Fraud: The Academic Perspective - University of Geneva (text in French)

More information

- A Brief History of the Fight against Plagiarism in the Academic World by Michelle Bergadaà (text in French)

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