A Campus in Standby

A Campus in Standby
19 Mar. 2020

The closing of École Polytechnique as of March 16th and until further notice and the containment measures put in place by the French authorities has led to drastically reduced access to the school’s campus and buildings.

The school is closed to visitors and maintains minimal service to ensure the continuity of its activities.

Access to campus is prohibited, outside of for those who have an explicit exception to access it. All buildings are closed and only authorized personnel with badges can access them.

On-campus sports facilities and the school library are also closed and the activities of the CSX, CASEP, and all external and student associations are suspended until further notice.

The cafeteria services offered by the Magnan are no longer in service as of the afternoon on March 17th and the Magnan is closed until further notice.

For all students, it is recommended to reach a secure place where government guidelines and online courses can be followed (online courses starting March 23rd).

For students who do not have any other solution, it is still possible to remain on campus, but students must alert their respective program director should this be the case.

Certain services required to maintain minimum school activities and campus life continue to operate on site:

  • Security
  • Housing Office
  • Medical and Psychology Services
  • Student Coaching
  • IT Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance

Buildings on campus remain accessible to staff whose presence is crucial on site and who need access to their laboratories, office, and necessary work equipment. However, it is highly recommended to limit the number of people who come and go on campus. In case of absolute necessity, exceptions to access the campus may be granted by the person’s direct manager or department head.