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École Polytechnique partners with first-class high schools across the globe

21 Mar. 2022

Students in a classroom

Launched in 2017, École Polytechnique’s Bachelor of Science program is designed for top-level students with a strong interest in Mathematics and Science, capable of following a rich and demanding curriculum. Highly selective, the multidisciplinary three-year program leads to a double major, allowing students to develop strong knowledge and skills in both disciplines. Depending on their interests and the post-graduate studies they would like to pursue, students can choose between three double major options: Mathematics & Computer Science, Mathematics & Economics, Mathematics & Physics.

Illustrating École Polytechnique’s Bachelor degree’s excellence, 94% of the graduates of the first class of the program have been admitted into Master’s degree programs at the best universities worldwide such as MIT, Stanford University, and Columbia University upon their graduation in July 2020.

Partnering with first-class international high schools

Spreading the word about its Bachelor of Science program, l’X aims to reach the best candidates all over the world. To do so, École Polytechnique’s International Affairs Office cooperates on an international level with a handful of first-class high schools, selected for their excellent reputation and the quality education they provide.  

  • HUS High School for Gifted Students, Vietnam: Established in 1965 around its department of Mathematics and Physics, this public high school is amongst the most selective in Vietnam and is regularly ranked first in the top high schools of the country. Its students have obtained several gold medals in International Mathematics Olympiads and represent the Vietnam National University of Hanoi at the National Olympiads every year, winning over 50 prizes.
  • Mahidol Wittayanusorn School, Thailand: This public high school is located on the campus of the Mahidol University, ranked top university in Thailand by THE, and is the first specialized school in Science and Mathematics in the country. Its students have represented the country in International Olympiads and have won over 60 medals since 2004.
  • Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239, Russia: The public high school, founded in 1918, specializes in Mathematics and Physics. It is the alma mater of many International Mathematical Olympiads winners and remarkable alumni (Mathematicians) such as Yuri Matiyasevich, Grigori Perelman, or Stanislav Smirnov.
  • Colégio ETAPA, Brazil: One of the most prestigious and best performing high schools in Brazil. In 2020, Colegio Etapa students won 157 awards at the National Science Olympiad (ONC), including gold medals.
  • Berlin Metropolitan School (BMS), Germany:  The International Baccalaureate School is recognized by the State of Berlin. Based on its high-quality education, BMS features a very good international reputation. 97% of the graduates of this school’s 2020 class were admitted to prestigious international universities such as Imperial College, King’s College, TU/e, and Bocconi.

The concluded cooperation agreements give each high school the opportunity to identify and pre-select, based on merit, up to three talented candidates per year who can directly apply to École Polytechnique’s Bachelor of Science program during the second application round*.

* with the condition that the nominees meet the program’s admission requirements.