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École Polytechnique’s Executive Education launches five new programs

École Polytechnique's Executive Education division is launching five new programs for executives and managers of private and public organizations, focusing on technological innovation, cybersecurity, cloud, data and artificial intelligence, and sustainable performance and governance.
17 Jan. 2024
Education, Executive Education

Launched in 2015, École polytechnique's Executive Education has been helping leaders and managers of private and public organizations for nearly a decade to train for new scientific and technological, as well as economic and societal challenges.

Drawing on the entire École polytechnique ecosystem, X's Executive Education offers programs designed and led by X's teacher-researchers, providing privileged access to the recognized excellence of its research laboratories, its network of experts, and its entrepreneurial and consulting structures.

The five new formations launched at the start of 2024:

💻Managing with data & artificial intelligence  
Develop your skills related to the strategic challenges of data science and ubiquitous AI technologies such as Machine Learning, and learn how to leverage new generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.
➡ https://exed.polytechnique.edu/formations/data/executive-certificat-diriger-data-intelligence-artificielle

🔒 Cybersecurity for executives
Protect your business from digital threats by understanding the essential issues of cybersecurity. 
➡ https://exed.polytechnique.edu/formations/data/executive-program-cyber-dirigeants

☁️ Cloud for executives 
A program aimed at decision-makers wishing to acquire knowledge, methods, postures and operational skills to meet the needs of companies engaged in digital transformation.   
➡ https://exed.polytechnique.edu/formations/data/executive-program-cloud-dirigeants

🚀 Technological innovation for executives 
Develop the skills to grasp the potential and limits of new technologies, while establishing the right frameworks for innovation within your organization.   
➡ https://exed.polytechnique.edu/formations/innovation/executive-program-innovation-technologique-dirigeants 
🌿 Performance and sustainable governance for executives
This course is aimed at decision-makers and business leaders wishing to seize the opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable economy. Its aim is to provide the tools and perspectives needed to successfully navigate this complex but crucial transformation.  
➡ https://exed.polytechnique.edu/formations/innovation/performance-gouvernance-durable