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Eight X start-ups with IP Paris at VivaTech 2022

The eight X start-ups are among 21 high-impact technology start-ups from the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris presented on the IP Paris stand at Vivatech 2022.
Eight X start-ups with IP Paris at VivaTech 2022
10 Jun. 2022
Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Eight start-ups created or managed by alumni of the Ecole Polytechnique or supported by the Drahi-X Novation Center are presented by the Institut Polytechnique de Paris at VivaTech 2022.

These eight start-ups are among the 21 from the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem presented by the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, of which X is one of the five founding schools, at the VivaTech show.

Europe's largest start-up and tech fair, VivaTech has focused its sixth edition, which runs from June 15 to 17, on six major themes: fight against global warming and energy transition, tomorrow’s mobility, the future of work, diversity, Web 3 and the promotion of the European ecosystem.

During the fair, IP Paris is hosting a workshop "Tech, the challenge for society", presenting the latest research conducted within its existing interdisciplinary centers (E4C on energy and climate, and Hi!Paris on AI and data analysis) and upcoming (Arts, Science and Society and Bioengineering). 

With 3 incubators, 82 start-ups incubated in 2021, including 44 new ones, 1,400 million euros  raised by start-ups founded by IP Paris alumni in 2021, 35% of Next40 start-ups and nearly 25% of French Tech 120 start-ups founded or led by IP Paris alumni or from IP Paris incubators, 30 laboratories and 1,000 researchers, 50 patents and software applications filed this year, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris is asserting itself as a benchmark in technological innovation in France and internationally.

You will find below a presentation of the eight X start-ups present on the IP Paris stand at VivaTech:

Amphitrite was created by Alexandre Stegner, Lecturer at l’X and Evangelos Mochos, Doctoral Student at Polytechnique. The business model of Amphitrite, integrated within the X-Tech incubator, is based on the sale of digital data that characterize the state of the ocean in real time or on the sale of software solutions that allow specific processing of ocean data for the needs of its customers. A consulting and R&D development activity is also proposed for companies or government agencies.

InSpek, founded by Jérôme Michon (X 2011) and integrated within X-Tech, aims to reduce costs and delays due to errors in chemical and biological processes through better chemical detection. InSpek's real-time monitoring system is based on optical sensors on a chip that are more sensitive, less expensive and smaller than current solutions, allowing to optimize chemical processes and thus to reduce costly errors in process development and production in many industries

ShareMySpace, co-founded in 2017 and since led by Romain Lucken (X2012), develops space debris tracking technology. Its technology is based on telescope-based space object detection means and on a wide variety of celestial mechanics and artificial intelligence algorithms. It offers a wide range of high value-added services: CALM (collision avoidance) to visualize and analyze the risk of collision for an entire fleet over a 5-day horizon, CLEO (space surveillance) for image acquisition and catalog construction, and NDEMN (congestion simulation) for collision risk prevention in the design of satellite constellations.

ProfessorBob.ai is an EdTech startup that has developed a personal learning coach based on individual learning paths using artificial intelligence. The solution developed by ProfessorBob allows to teach, ask and answer questions to learners, and to personalize learning according to their profile. The start-up is led by a team of complementary managers, including Ha-Quang Le (X2015) and Samy Lahbabi (MSc&T Signal Processing and Computer Science from X).

AtmosGear, founded and directed by Mohamed Soliman (UTC Compiègne), the start-up develops electrically assisted rollerblades. It has been selected by the X-UP incubator of the École Polytechnique for a one-year support within the framework of the French Tech Tremplin 2022.

Oudja is a MedTech company supported by the X-UP incubator of the École Polytechnique, which develops a system for healthcare professionals for the rapid and contactless collection of data on the health situation of patients, assessment and pre-diagnosis. 

Phyling, co-founded in 2018 by Romain Labbé and Jean-Philippe Boucher, both X PhD in fluid mechanics, the startup is developing a system for collecting and analyzing data essential to improving sports performance. Iis aim is to quantify the subjective sensations of athletes through physics in order to identify new areas of improvement that will make a difference in sports competitions.

DocMe, co-founded by Sophie Kitchin (MSc&T Data Sciences for Business X-HEC), develops a solution for collecting and analyzing patient health information using evidence-based clinical questions prior to the actual consultation to perform a pre-diagnosis.