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Executive Education launches a professional development course in Blockchain and decentralized finance

Building on the success of the Blockchain Starter Program, launched in 2022, to understand the strategic, economic and legal issues of this technology, École Polytechnique Executive Education, completes its offer on Blockchain and launches the "Blockchain Advanced Program Decentralized Finance (DeFi)" certification program.
17 Apr. 2023
Education, Executive Education

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that is profoundly changing several industries, just as the Internet did over 20 years ago. Marginal in the early days of the crypto industry, decentralized finance, or DeFi, relies on Blockchain technologies to become a prominent application of this ecosystem. Blockchain thus promises transparency, trust, speed and above all decentralization in the transfer of assets and management of money flows, thus structurally changing the norms of traditional finance.

The 12-day "Blockchain Advanced Program Decentralized Finance (DeFi)" training is designed for :

-Professionals with at least 3 years of experience and a background in programming, statistics or finance

-Financial analysts or engineers, traders, asset portfolio managers, IT developers, risk/governance/compliance managers, specialized lawyers, or decision makers in the banking/finance/insurance sector.

This certification course allows participants to :

  -reinforce their understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain,

   -explore the advanced uses of Blockchain,

   -master the functioning and uses of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies,

   -discover the principles of decentralized finance and their applications.

The course is co-directed by Daniel Augot and Julien Prat, both professors at Ecole Polytechnique and holders of the "Blockchain & B2B Platforms" Chair.