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A look back at the symposium "What escapes artificial intelligence?”

A look back at the symposium "What escapes artificial intelligence?”
02 Nov. 2021

Artificial intelligence has been developing exponentially in recent years, in the context of a revival of algorithmic methods and the massive increase in the amount of data. Detection of rare diseases, automatic translation, driving assistance... certain uses seem to be 'revolutionised' by AI, whose field of application seems to be expanding ever more.

This idea of extension that was at the center of this conference organised by François Levin and Étienne Ollion. Are there limits to what artificial intelligence can 'grasp' or 'apprehend'? Does artificial intelligence have a boundary? In other words: what is beyond the reach of artificial intelligence?

These two days of discussion were therefore an opportunity to address this question in several ways and from several disciplinary horizons: philosophy, social sciences, physics, musicology... Artists also questioned AI devices from their creative practice. To continue this dialogue, each day of this interdisciplinary conference ended with a discussion led by a "practising" scientist, specialist in artificial intelligence.

Themes as diverse as the ontological critiques of computation, the link between neural networks and liberalism, the question of human micro-labour "behind" algorithms, the adventures of machine translation or the discussions in philosophy of mind on the notion of "understanding" were addressed.


>Link to the programme and videos.