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L'X sets 10 objectives to boost its growth and attractiveness

On April 11, 2022, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and L'X signed a new Contract of Objectives and Performance (COP) that sets the institution's 2022-2026 strategic objectives. L’X will devote the coming period to enhance the impact of its research, stengthen its multi-course training offer and launch the renovation of its buildings.
L'X sets 10 objectives to boost its growth and attractiveness
27 Apr. 2022

The new Contract of Objectives and Performance (COP), which sets the strategic objectives of the École Polytechnique for the 2022-2026 period, will provide the means to accelerate its development and international attractiveness within the framework of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Signed on April 11, 2022 by Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, Éric Labaye, President of the École polytechnique and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, and François Bouchet, Director General of the École polytechnique, this new COP aims to increase the impact of research, with the development of interdisciplinary centers within IP Paris, to strengthen the multi-course training offer of excellence, and to initiate the renovation of the campus in order to welcome students and researchers in a quality and sustainable environment.

"The COP 2022-2026 is a major step in École Polytechnique’s development and international outreach and we are delighted to have the support of the Ministry of Armed Forces to achieve it. The objectives thus defined are up to the School’s ambition: to be a key driver of French and European power by attracting the best students and researchers in the world, the men and women who will create the solutions for tomorrow within a sustainable and resilient environment. Achieved for the first time in collaboration with the member Schools of Institut Polytechnique de Paris, this plan will be a real accelerator to build a leading international institution”, said Éric Labaye, President of the École Polytechnique and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

In order to meet society's expectations and to strengthen its international attractiveness, the École Polytechnique’s research center, now integrated into the IP Paris research center, will develop its partnership policy and increase its financial resources, particularly external resources, while strictly respecting academic integrity.

The École Polytechnique will strengthen its multi-course training offer of excellence to accommodate a larger number of students. This will amount to about 700 additional students trained at l’X  duringthe period covered by the COP in order to :

- meet France's growing need for scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs, particularly in the fields of digital technology, data processing, artificial intelligence, biomedical, modeling, new materials, robotics, and cybersecurity 

- further balance international relations with partner universities hosting students in their programs and to sustain exchanges with l’X's strategic partners, particularly in Europe

- maintain the attractiveness of French engineering programs

- attract and maintain a pool of high-level teacher-researchers to enable teams to adapt to changes in scientific fields.

To bring the IP Paris campus up to the best international standards and make it exemplary in terms of sustainable development, and to offer an attractive experience to all students and staff, the École Polytechnique will undertake a thorough renovation of its infrastructures.

As part of this new COP, the École Polytechnique has set itself 10 ambitions for the coming years:

1. integrate the need for sustainable development in all its missions,

2. Continue to grow the student body in line with the expansion of IP Paris, while strengthening the leadership of the École Polytechnique's programs

3. Increase the impact of research, through a move to IP Paris, growth in resources, involvement in the launch and development of interdisciplinary centers (Biomedical, Digital, Quantum, Materials, etc.), and the creation of joint laboratories with the private sector

4. Double the flow of start-ups in its the Drahi-X innovation center and contribute to the development of an innovation park in conjunction with the laboratories

5. Launch the refurbishment of the School's buildings and improve the experience of students, faculty and staff

6. Stengthen l’X's internationalization efforts in the framework of IP Paris

7. Act in favor of social and gender diversity at all levels of the organization, and intensify upstream actions to increase the pool of talented students, develop and implement a scientific method to evaluate the impact of the initiatives taken.

8. Modernize the School’ssupport functions

9. Pursue the policy of strategic partnerships with the National Research Organizations, higher education and research institutions in France and abroad, companies, and the innovation ecosystem.

10. Increase resources with innovative fundind, while while securing their sustainability

The COP 2022-2026 is a major step in the development and global reach of the École Polytechnique. Its objectives are in line with the École's ambition: to be a key driver of French and European power by attracting the world's best students and researchers, the men and women who will create tomorrow's solutions in a sustainable and resilient environment.