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L'X supports students and researchers affected by the war in Ukraine

L'X supports students and researchers affected by the war in Ukraine
08 Apr. 2022
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Affirming its solidarity with Ukraine, the School has put measures in place to help students and researchers affected by the war in Ukraine. École Polytechnique has convened a dedicated commission and participates in the PAUSE program.

In the dramatic context of the war brought upon Ukraine, École Polytechnique is committed to supporting students and staff affected by the conflict.

École Polytechnique's management has expressed its support of students and staff whose families and friends are affected by the war in Ukraine. All Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students and staff members have been contacted individually to identify financial or psychological needs arising from the international conflict. Underlining the values of solidarity and cohesion, the School offers to all students who express the need an accompaniment by the psychological service of the institution.

In the framework of Institut Polytechnique de Paris, of which the School is a founding member, École Polytechnique has also joined the PAUSE program, which supports Ukrainian scientists forced into exile by facilitating their reception in higher education and research institutions.

To help provide aid to its students affected by the conflict, the School has set up a dedicated commission, in conjunction with the Polytechnic community, represented by École Polytechnique’s Foundation (FX) and École Polytechnique Alumni Association (AX).