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New partnership with the University of Waterloo

École Polytechnique and the University of Waterloo in Canada have elaborated an agreement allowing students from both institutions to study at the respective partner university across the Atlantic for an exchange semester. The new student mobility agreement between the two institutions contributes to reinforcing the dialogue and partnership between France and Canada.
New partnership with the University of Waterloo
02 Feb. 2024

A new partnership between École Polytechnique and the University of Waterloo, Canada, enables students of either institution to complete an exchange semester at the respective partner institution. Moreover, École Polytechnique offers students from the University of Waterloo the opportunity to join l’X for a research internship as part of its Research Program for International Talents.

Renowned for its high-quality education and research, the University of Waterloo focuses on strategically integrating teaching and academic excellence, experiential education, and impact-driven research. It is home to the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, which is one of the largest computer science institutions in the world, with more than 100 faculty members. According to the Maclean’s 2023 university rankings, its School of Computer Sciences is first in Canada for the third year in a row, based on its program and research reputation.

Thanks to the student mobility agreement, École Polytechnique’s students now have the opportunity to explore and experience this academic and scientific environment in Canada during an exchange semester.

The agreement applies to École Polytechnique’s Bachelor of Science, Ingénieur Politechnicien Program, its 1st-year courses of the Master’s of Science & Technology programs, and the University of Waterloo’s faculties of Engineering, Environment, Mathematics, and Science.

Committed to cultivating strong ties with top universities worldwide, École Polytechnique counts several top universities in Canada among its long-standing partners. For more than 25 years, the School has maintained strong ties with Polytechnique Montréal, allowing for many academic and scientific exchanges and the implementation of a double degree program. In addition to the new agreement with the University of Waterloo, l’X holds also agreements with the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, and McGill University.