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École Polytechnique and Columbia University’s Global Dual Degree in Engineering will welcome its first students in September 2024

École Polytechnique and Columbia University’s Global Dual Degree in Engineering will welcome its first students in September 2024
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FRANCE – École Polytechnique and Columbia University are proud to introduce a joint Bachelor's and Master's degree in Engineering. Students graduating from this Global Dual Degree in Engineering will obtain two degrees, in less than five years, from two world-class academic Institutions: a Bachelor’s degree from École Polytechnique and a Master’s degree from Columbia University. This new program, taught entirely in English, will accept its first cohort of students in September 2024.

Partners for over 20 years in the Alliance Program, École Polytechnique, France’s leading engineering Institution, and Columbia University are strengthening their collaboration by joining forces to offer a prestigious science and engineering programme. Taught entirely in English, this new degree will provide students with a well-rounded educational experience with 3 years spent in France and 18 months in the United States.

Tailored to academically inclined students, it will deliver a holistic curriculum that emphasizes mathematics, research and a global mindset. The program prepares graduates to pioneer novel solutions in a range of fields, including sustainability, environmental conservation, resource management, climate change etc.

A Bachelor of Science degree in France with three double track options

École Polytechnique's Bachelor Program is a multidisciplinary degree for internationally-oriented students capable of following a rich and demanding curriculum. Taking advantage of École Polytechnique preference for small class sizes, this intensive programme offers students the choice of three double track allowing them to customize their academic journey with a specialization according to their professional goals: Mathematics and Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science or Mathematics and Physics.

Created with a research-oriented learning mindset, Bachelor students have to learn concepts but also experiment them by working in École Polytechnique's labs on real problems currently tackled by the Institution’s scientists. They are also expected to do a Bachelor Thesis, carried out in the form of a research project.

On top of their education in mathematics and fundamental sciences, the students follow several courses in Humanities and Social Sciences, Foreign Languages, Sports and Personal Development to enhance their background and knowledge. Ancre

A wide choice of Masters of Science degrees in the United States

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University offers students the choice of nine Masters according to the double track chosen during their Bachelor degree: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Financial Engineering and Operations Research.

Promotion to Columbia's Master's degree programs will be decided by the Student Progression Committee, based on academic performance and project requirements.

With this Global Dual Degree in Engineering, a new transatlantic bridge is created, which will open new pathways in education excellence and research collaboration.

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