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Promote Your Company and Career Opportunities

Businesses can strengthen their presence among the student body by sponsoring a year group, organizing a recruitment interview, sitting on the Business Liaison Committee and giving formal presentations on their industry sectors.

Sponsor a year group
Each year, a business can sponsor a year group of students following the Engineering program. It becomes the honoured partner of the year group throughout the duration of the course and thus has maximum visibility on the École's campus for two years.
In practical terms, the partnership means more and closer contact with students, including presentations by the business, internship positions or the monitoring of selected class projects in association with the business.

Simulate recruitment interviews
Businesses can develop closer relations with students by organizing recruitment interviews, and offering them workshops on how to improve their CVs. This gives them a direct opportunity to meet and get to know students seeking internships.
The interviews are conducted by two professionals, a human resources manager and an engineer. They take place between February and April for students in their second year, and from November to February for students in their third year.
Contact: Laurence Redoutez - Internship, Career Assistance and Resource Center

Sit on the Business Liaison Committee
The Business Liaison Committee (Comité de Liaison Entreprises - CLEX) is a place where representatives of businesses (mostly from HR), the École's management, student representatives and members of the X Foundation can pool ideas and proposals. By joining the CLEX, businesses can make known their recruitment requirements, expectations regarding training, and human resources strategy and policy.
Contact: Isabelle Andréani – X Foundation

Organize formal presentations on your industry sectors
> Debate with business representatives: Businesses have the opportunity to describe their industry sectors to students during a formal presentation. The speakers are experienced managers, (with both former Polytechnique students and others) who may talk about the business in general, recruitment, staff development or career development.
> Meetings with recent alumni: aim to give students as realistic an idea as possible of the jobs held by recent alumni, how to start their careers, and the personal qualities they need to succeed. The speakers are selected from former Polytechnique students who have been working in a business for 3 to 5 years, and have followed a typical career path.
Meetings take place in April and May, and businesses should contact the X Foundation from February onwards.
Contact: fondation(at)fondationx.org – X Foundation

Invite students to visit the business
Businesses can invite students to visit their structures, in May for students in the second year of the Engineering program, and in November for third-year students.
Contact : Bérengère Loustaud – Contact
+33 1 69 33 36 91 – Service Stages, Orientation, Insertion professionnelle et relations Entreprises

Suggest case studies
The students work in groups of 4 - 5 on an actual case suggested by a business, supervised by someone working in the field. The case studies run from January to June.
Contact : Bérengère Loustaud – Contact
+33 1 69 33 36 91 – Service Stages, Orientation, Insertion professionnelle et relations Entreprises