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Recruit our students

École Polytechnique offers businesses all the profiles and skills that they need: interns, young graduates and former students with more than two years of experience.

> Recruit our students as interns
> Recruit our alumni
> Post your offers
> Arrange recruitment interviews

Recruit our students as interns
Students on the Ingénieur Polytechnicien program complete one internship per year throughout their course, i.e. four in total.

These internships are mandatory and assessed. They take place in businesses, academic research institutions, associations and the armed forces. At the end of the internship, students write a detailed report and present it at the École Polytechnique. Internships may be in France or abroad. On average, about one third of the course time is allocated to internships.

> Military or civil internship
The military or civil internship takes place during the first year of the Engineering program, and lasts for six months.

> The Business internship 
The Business internship takes place over three months during the second year of the Engineering program, and aims to:
-Prepare students for starting work: they find themselves in a position where they can look for jobs and learn how to build and manage a network of contacts.
-Help students to develop a career plan: they experience the business and appreciate how it works in order to align their specialist-study choices for the third year with their career plans.
-Enable students to understand how a business is organized and the issues it faces: operation, career development and management of human and financial resources.
Experiencing what the job entails on a day-to-day basis, via a clearly-defined operational role, enables students to validate or reject their choices.
The Internship, Career Assistance Resource and Business Relations Center (Service Stages, Orientation, Insertion et Relations Entreprise - SOIE) helps students develop their plan and seeks out businesses to host the internships. The Center also provides workshops which guide students looking for an internship in drafting an application and helping with employability.
The internship lasts for three months and takes place at the end of the second year, between June and September
Contact: Evelyne Aublan – Internship, Career Assistance Resource and Business Relations Center (SOIE).

> The research internship
The research internship takes place at the end of the third year, or the first year of the master's degree. It lasts for up to six months and takes place in a public research institution (e.g. a CNRS laboratory or at Inserm) or in the R&D department of a business in France or abroad.
The placement is an opportunity for students to apply their scientific knowledge, to become more familiar with scientific practice through extended personal research, and to become part of a working team. This professional experience also enables the student to identify the sector in which he/she will specialize.
Contact: Ophélie Doucet – Internship, Career Assistance Resource and Business Relations Center (SOIE).

> Fourth-year internship
Students may optionally take an internship in a business or research laboratory for one semester at the end of the fourth year of the course. The placement lasts between four and six months, and may take place in France or abroad. It must have a high conceptual, scientific or technological content, depending on the type of course followed, and prepares the future graduate for starting off his/her working life.
Contact: Michèle Gesbert – Internship, Career Assistance Resource and Business Relations Center (SOIE).

> Gap year
The purpose of a gap year is to enable students to acquire experience which is complementary to that of the professionally-oriented training program at the Polytechnique. The student must carry out a project within a business, and have well-defined responsibilities that lead to an understanding of a profession or a sector. He/she is on the standard payroll. The gap year takes place between the third and fourth years of the Polytechnique program.
Contact: Department of Studies

Recruit our alumni
Businesses can recruit graduates with at least two years' experience. To do so, they should contact the former students' and graduates' Association (AX) which manages, in particular, the Careers Office.
The Careers Office is a service available to Polytechnique alumni throughout their professional lives. Graduates may contact it for any career-related queries, whether they are thinking of a career change, of moving abroad, of a career in France if they come from abroad, or if they are looking for a job.
Contact: Nicolas Zarpas (AX)
Businesses may also contact the site Manageurs.com, the career space for graduates from the elite  for engineering and management grandes écoles. Manageurs.com is managed by the graduate associations of these universities, and aims to facilitate each graduate's career development so that his/her career path reflects his/her talent.  Founded in 2005 by graduate associations from the École Polytechnique, HEC, Centrale Paris and the ENSAE, Manageurs.com today includes the graduate associations of 21 prestigious universities, in France and across the world.

Post your offers
The École Polytechnique, in partnership with JobTeaser, offers its students access to a personal career space, accessible from a dedicated site.
In the career space, students on the Engineering program and students studying for master's degrees and doctorates at the Polytechnique can consult internship and job offers, which include both offers centralized by JobTeaser and offers from businesses wishing to specifically target students from the École Polytechnique. Students may track businesses that interest them, and thus have direct access to recruitment events they organize and to news about them.
Businesses can post their offers and students may consult them at any time using a search engine on the École Polytechnique's extranet.
If a business has several offers and wants to publish them automatically, JobTeaser will work with them to find a solution which fits their requirements.

Organize recruitment interviews
Businesses can arrange interviews at the École Polytechnique to recruit their future interns. The École makes the Library's Business space available to help with this. The interviews take place between December and April.
ContactBérengère Loustaud – Internship, Career Assistance Resource and Business Relations Center (SOIE).