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Become a partner

Businesses participate in the development of the École Polytechnique by choosing the partnership that suits them. Several different types of collaboration are possible.

The École Polytechnique's aim is to continually develop closer relations with the corporate sector and in order to do so it is committed to a partnership policy. Such collaboration enables businesses to be associated with the École's teaching, and to be recognized by students as playing an integral role in training.
Businesses may cooperate with the École in a number of ways, by choosing to:
-Develop their employer brand by publicizing their structure and their industry sectors.
-Participate in student courses, thus building relations with future graduates.
-Collaborate by developing research collaborations.

Promote your company and career opportunities
Businesses can strengthen their presence among the student body by sponsoring a year group, organizing a recruitment interview, sitting on the Business Liaison Committee and giving formal presentations on their industry sectors.
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Get involved directly with students
The École Polytechnique offers businesses the opportunity to create a lasting relationship with students by playing a part in their academic training, at all stages of the course.
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Develop research partnerships
Business have the opportunity to develop research partnerships with the Polytechnique, via research-collaboration contracts and Industrial Agreements for Training Through Research (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche - CIFRE), and by offering their expertise as a doctoral advisor.
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