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Conference on heat and power district heating

Francesco Vallone, founder and CEO of Cogenpower, Torino (It) & Cambridge (UK), will come on Monday, November, 24, for the conference cycle on energy and environment organised at École Polytechnique to prepare the Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21).

This presentation is part of the conference cycle on energy and environment organised by the Coriolis Institute to prepare the Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21) and the debates on energy transition.

This cycle began in September 2014 with a talk given by Jean-François Minster, Science Director for Total, and then with a conference by Pierre-Etienne Franc, Air Liquide's Director of Advanced Business and Technologies.

The energy transition is the shift operated by several countries to sustainable economies by means of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development. The final goal is the abolishment of coal and other non-renewable energy sources, considered the cause of harmful pollution and greenhouse effects. The term energy transition designates a significant change in energy policy and during the presentation an attempt to frame it during a time span of several decades will be given, with a special focus to the Italian situation.

Within this context, Francesco Vallone will show the advantages of using very efficient technologies such as combined heat and power generation together with district heating network to which residential buildings, public facilities and commercial or industrial sheds could be connected.

Cogenpower is an alternative energy engineering company specialized in combined heat and power district heating network for cities with less than 50,000 people using heat storage and smart metering technologies to achieve system efficiencies above 90%.

Conference "Combined heat and power heating, a supporter of the energy transition" - Monday, November 24, 2014 at 4pm - Becquerel Amphitheater

Next conference on December 15, 2014 at 4pm with Bernard Salha, Research and Development Director at EDF.

The Coriolis conferences are meant for everyone to understand without need of a huge scientific background. The conference lasts for about 45 minutes and is followed by questions with the spokesperson.
This conference is open to everyone: researchers from all fields, students, PhDs, post-docs, staff members, visitors.

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