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Get Involved Directly with Students

École Polytechnique offers businesses the opportunity to create a longer-term relationship with students by participating in their academic training at all stages of the course.

Propose topics for the Group Science Project
Businesses can propose topics for the Group Science Project (Projet Scientifique Collectif - PSC), in which all students in the second year of the Engineering program take part. The project enables groups of students to make detailed use of one or more scientific disciplines to help resolve a problem. The topics are submitted in mid-June.
Contact : Bérengère Loustaud – Contact
+33 1 69 33 36 91 – Service Stages, Orientation, Insertion professionnelle et relations Entreprises

Attend students' formal project presentations
> Assessments of Group Science Projects: a representative from the business participates along with other supervisors in assessing the presentation of a group science project. The representative does not need qualifications in the project area: his/her role is that of a tutor and coordinator. The presentations take place in June.
> Internship assessments: a representative from the business may participate in assessing the internship presentations in the first year (personal development and military internship) and the second year (business internship). The assessments take place from September onwards.
Contact: Isabelle Andréani – X Foundation