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Jean Marjoulet Professorship Chair

Through the Jean Marjoulet Professorship Chair, every three years École Polytechnique recruits a researching professor who demonstrates significant potential, is under forty years of age, and works as a full-time teacher at École Polytechnique in one of its areas of excellence.

A real "incubator for young talent," this Chair is first and foremost part of a family history. It was created by Hugues Lepic, X 1984. A generous donor, he chose to support research at École Polytechnique and named the Chair after his grandfather, who was also a former Polytechnique student (X 1919). The researcher who holds the Chair is allocated a budget of €100,000 to finance his or her research project, especially as regards purchasing equipment and recruiting postdoctoral researchers.

"The Jean Marjoulet Chair is a dynamic tool made available to École Polytechnique to allow it to attract exceptional talent in the scientific areas of excellence in which it specializes. It makes it possible to build relations between École Polytechnique and researching professors with a high potential who are at an important and particularly productive time in their career as researchers. We can therefore hope that it will contribute to the scientific and international standing of École Polytechnique. I wanted to name it after my grandfather, Jean Marjoulet, who was very fond of X, no doubt because, for him, École Polytechnique represented the quintessence of excellence and merit. As for me, the creation of this Chair is the payment of a debt which, like every former student of École Polytechnique, I ran up by benefiting from the quality of its teaching, its reputation, its history and its prestige.” Hugues Lepic (X 1984)

Maks Ovsjanikov, Holder of the Jean Marjoulet Chair since 2014

Originally from Latvia, Maks Ovsjanikov graduated with a doctorate in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University in the United States, where he received an Excellence in Research award. He also holds a CNRS Excellence Research Chair. He joined École Polytechnique’s Computer Science Laboratory (LIX) in 2012 after having worked in Google's Image Search team on image and 3D shape analysis projects.

Maks Ovsjanikov’s research concerns the analysis of multimedia data, such as images, videos and even 3D models, the number of which has grown significantly over the past twenty years. In this context, Maks Ovsjanikov’s research seeks to improve the analysis and processing of these large quantities of heterogeneous data. This project will be able to build on numerous collaborations on an international level and therefore promote exchanges between the École Polytechnique’s Computer Science Laboratory and special academic and industrial partners.

Maks Ovsjanikov was awarded the 2014 Eurographics prize in the “Young Researcher” category.

Vincent Bansaye, first Holder of the Jean Marjoulet Chair (2011–2014)

A graduate from ENS Cachan, agrégé in mathematics (academic rank conferred after passing a competitive exam) and professor at École Polytechnique since September 2009, Vincent Bansaye works at the X Applied Mathematics Center (CMAP) on mathematic modeling applied to biology and ecology.

The modeling of living things and in particular issues related to biodiversity, the displacement and extinction of species, and the evolution of the climate constitute the major challenges for which it is important to develop random models to understand the link with deterministic models and obtain statistical applications. The budget allocated to him as Holder of the Jean Marjoulet Chair allowed him to recruit postdoctoral researchers and significantly increase the ranks of his team.