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Academic Affairs

A new Department for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at l’X

École Polytechnique now has a new Academic Department for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Florence Charue-Duboc, Professor at l’X and CNRS Research Director, is the Head of this Department.

To further structure its academic and research programs in the field of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, École Polytechnique has created a new Department dedicated on this topic. It joins to the ten existing École Polytechnique Departments on the following topics: biology, chemistry, economics, humanities and social sciences, computer science, languages and cultures, mathematics, applied mathematics, mechanics, physics. The creation of this Department complements the actions already undertaken by l'X in order to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, key aspects of its development strategy, after the creation of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division and the building of a dedicated Center, LA FIBRE ENTREPRENEUR – Drahi X-Novation Center.

"To face the evolutions of the business world and the needs of large industrial groups, l'X needed to concentrate its academic and research programs on management," says Florence Charue-Duboc, Professor at l'X and CNRS Research Director, Head of the new Department. This topic, studied since 1972 at École Polytechnique with the support of the Centre de Recherche en Gestion (CRG) (Research Center for Management), was developed in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department until now. The new Department will therefore strengthen the academic and research programs in management.

"Innovation management is a key professional skill for careers in research, management as well as engineering and its acquisition has to be progressive," says Florence Charue-Duboc. Now, all students in the 3rd year of the Ingénieur polytechnicien program will follow at least two courses offered by the Department. "We will thus make sure that all École Polytechnique graduates have received a minimum body of knowledge on company management. We want to train agile young managers, able to understand the constraints of a company and the methods to transform it," says Florence Charue-Duboc.

Another mission of the Department will be to expand the curriculm offer by providing more specialized courses adapted to students' career opportunities. Five new courses on the following topics will thus be offered: the digital challenge for companies, international development, innovation, entrepreneurship, business and society. Key issues that will be addressed during those courses include questions such as: What should be the innovation strategies of companies in the new economic era? How to develop R & D in a context of globalization? How to move from a start-up project to a valuation on the stock exchange?

The new Department also offers specialization courses in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship such as the Masters' programs IREN and PIC, and the International Master's program on Transport and Sustainable Development. Another goal of the Department will be to support the development of executive education in the field of management and reinforce its connections to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division at l'X.
In terms of research, this Department aims to contribute to the scientific project of the Centre de Recherche en Gestion (CRG) (Research Center for Management) within the new Mixed Research Unit UMR I3 (Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation). That is where the Professors of the new Department will develop their research, while encouraging links between Ingénieur Polytechnicien students, graduate students and young teaching staff.

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