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Institut Polytechnique de Paris launches its "Executive Education" offer on quantum, first brick of the EduQuantum project

Institut Polytechnique de Paris launches  its "Executive Education" offer on quantum,  first brick of the EduQuantum project

PALAISEAU, March 7, 2023 – Thanks to the world-class expertise of its researchers and professors, including Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, as well as on a long and strong tradition of training in the quantum field, and a pool of alumni in the main quantum’s start-ups, Institut Polytechnique de Paris is launching a complete range of continuing education and management training courses on quantum technologies. This launch is the first phase of the EduQuantum project.

This training offer aimed at engineers, managers, company directors and start-ups as they are confronted with a real paradigm shift when faced with the use and manipulation, for technological applications, of new concepts related to the quantum vision of reality.

Each of these audiences will benefit from a tailor-made training:

- Technical training for engineers intending to use quantum technologies (physics, sensors, materials, quantum computing and cryptography)
- Awareness training for managers (to understand quantum technologies)
- Seminars for senior executives and members of executive committees
- “Learning expeditions” for management teams
- Managerial training for start-up creators and teacher-researchers with innovative quantum projects

As more than 1,000 students are already trained in quantum physics each year in its member schools, Masters and PhD Tracks, Institut Polytechnique de Paris also aims to become a major player in Executive Education on Quantum.

The EduQuantum project is part of Quantum-Saclay, a centre for quantum science and technology, that brings together Institut Polytechnique de Paris and Université Paris-Saclay. This project is also supported by ATOS, the Systematic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster, ColibriTD, Teratec, GENCI, CEA, Onera and INRIA.

For Sylvain Ferrari, Vice President of ENSTA Paris and co-leader of the EduQuantum project for Institut Polytechnique de Paris, "The EduQuantum project capitalises on the expertise of our teacher-researchers and their recognised know-how in "Executive Education" to meet right now the ambitious objectives of the national strategy on quantum technologies."

For Benoit Deveaud, Head of Institut Polytechnique de Paris’ Education and Research Committee, "The EduQuantum project will be a showcase of excellence for all the members of the consortium. It will rely on French academic and industrial commitment, and will strongly contribute to the international visibility and influence of quantum technologies.”

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