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The BRASA European Leadership Summit organized at l'X by its Brazilian students

The BRASA European Leadership Summit organized by the Brazilian students of l'X will take place at École Polytechnique on November, 17th.

The BRASA European Leadership Summit – EuroLeads is an annual conference which brings together Brazilian students in Europe who believe in the future of Brazil and have a leadership profile. For the second time, the conference is organized at École Polytechnique by its Brazilian students who aim to gether together 300 participants from different countries (Germany, Italy, UK, Holland, USA, Brazil) interested in Brazilian innovation and such French institutions as École Centrale, ENSTA, Sciences Po, Sorbonne.

"Our mission with EuroLeads is to bring the participants closer to the nation’s reality, to build an environment open to debate and incite them to ponder upon actions for improving the lives of the Brazilian citizens. We also want to provide opportunities to improve their personal and professional growth by being a bridge between them and renowned governement and corporative organizations. Hence, we aim to endorse their feeling of belonging and passion for Brazil, taking them to be true leaders of the transformations about to come bring together,” say the organizers.

In this context, the third EuroLeads will focus on the Brazilian Way of inovating. The organizers aim at translating this discussion into day-to-day actions, to stimulate the participants and provide inspiration to their target audience. Speakers invited from Brazil, as well as the Brazilian Ambassador in France, will talk about initiatives developed in their different fields.

The event will be held in Portuguese, please consult the program here.