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AI: €70 million for the “Hi! PARIS Cluster 2030” project led by IP Paris and HEC Paris
A consortium led by the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, of which X is a founding member, and HEC Paris has won a €70 million call for IA Cluster projects. This collective success will have numerous spin-offs for the X laboratories involved in the Hi! PARIS Interdisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis.
Cybersecurity needs explode as cyberthreats grow - ANSSI Director General
Vincent Strubel (X2000), Director General of the French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), spoke at École Polytechnique, underlining the change in scale of cybercrime, the explosion in training and research needs in cyberdefense, and the role Ecole Polytechnique can play to fulfill them.
École Polytechnique and IP Paris have turned a corner in all their areas of development – Eric Labaye
President of École Polytechnique and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris since 2018, Eric Labaye will step down as head of both institutions on September 16th. He takes stock of the many progress made during his five years in office.
L'X at the Bastille Day 2023 parade, an ever-strong link with the Armed Forces
Nearly three hundred students of the X2022 class were involved in the in the Bastille Day parade, while Ecole Polytechnique's link with the Armed Forces, established in 1804, remains as strong as ever. In 2022-2023, 80% of the ingénieur polytechnicien program’s students will have completed their human and military training in the Army, Air Force, Navy, the French Gendarmerie and the Paris Fire Brigade.
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EuroTech Alliance declares unanimous commitment to sustainability
École Polytechnique’s presidency of the alliance spurs a unanimous commitment to accelerate sustainable development. EuroTech Universities Alliance president since June 2022, Éric Labaye, the Chairman and President of École Polytechnique and of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, welcomed the presidents of the EuroTech partner institutions at École Polytechnique for their annual meeting on June 7th, 2023.
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Regulation in the fight against global warming at the heart of the 2nd REFLEXIONS international conference at École Polytechnique
On June 9, the second REFLEXIONS International conference, organized by the Institut Polytechnique de Paris at Ecole Polytechnique, brought together numerous academic and scientific experts, public and private sector leaders and civil society stakholders to contribute to understanding and resolving regulatory issues in the fight against global warming.
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École Polytechnique hosts EuroTech Alliance symposium on Sustainability