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École Polytechnique students awarded the Make Our Planet Great Again scholarship

Seven École Polytechnique Master’s students were awarded the Make Our Planet Great Again scholarship that will enable them to achieve their academic and professional goals in the environmental field and enroll in l’X Master’s programs.

Make Our Planet Great Again is a scholarship created at the initiative of the French President, Emmanuel Macron. This scholarship is intended for international students, researchers and entrepreneurs and enables them to study or work in France in the environmental field in order to tackle the issue of global warming.

Seven laureates admitted to École Polytechnique, with diverse backgrounds, come from different countries: Lebanon, India, Mexico, Iran and Indonesia, and wish all to make the planet great again! They will get a financial aid and a monthly grant enabling them to study at l’X and live in France. Afifah Amahoru is Indonesian and will enter the WAPE Master’s program: Water, Air, Pollution and Energy; Jawid Hajhemati is from Iran and will integrate the REST Master’s program (Renewable Energy, Science and Technology); Maryam Kadkhodaei, from Iran, Rawad Youssef, from Lebanon, Niranjan Raghavan from India and Marcos Raul Salido from Mexico will integrate the STEEM Master’s (Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management); and Zeinab Haydar, Lebanese, will integrate the ECOSEM Master’s (Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management). 

Zeinab Haydar is pleased to receive this financial support. She explains: “Since I live in an emerging country where the pollution has been overwhelmed everywhere, I think now it is the appropriate time to fight against it. So that is why I decided to enroll in the Make Our Planet Great Again program to make a difference: maybe it is just a drop but together we can reach one day our goal!”

Niranjan Raghavan, from Chennai in India, is planning to gain solid understanding of pressing Energy and Environment problems with the support of STEEM Master’s program and the MOPGA scholarship. “My long-term goal is twofold - Firstly, to drive public policies to decarbonize immediately by pushing for carbon tax from the power that we use to the food that we consume. Secondly, to create awareness about social impacts of climate change and stress on its future ramifications like forced migration and economic inequality”.

Marcos Raul Salido is Mexican and wants to make the world great again by working in the creation of a set of public policies, guidelines and regulations that promote the electrification of different industries, with great emphasis to the automotive one. “As I believe this is the turning point we have to reach as a society, to meet our goals of GHG emissions reduction and minimize the impact of human activities to the environment”.

L’X is looking forward to welcome the MOPGA scholarship in its Master’s programs this September. École Polytechnique strongly believes that Make Our Planet Great Again initiative will attract excellent students from around the world to enter French academic institutions and thus play an important role in facing today’s challenges.