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Escape, Flyinstinct, and EDIRIS start-ups awarded the 2021 X-Grant Silicon Valley and HEC Innovation Prizes

The two prizes, jointly awarded for the first time during the Demo Day exhibiting the projects of the Master X-HEC Entrepreneurs, honoured three start-ups : Escape, Flyinstinct et EDIRIS.

The X-HEC Entrepreneurs Demo Day, which traditionally closes the current year's student program, was the occasion for the first joint presentation of the X-Grant Silicon Valley and HEC Innovation 2021 Awards. The first prize was awarded to the start-ups Escape and Flyinstinct, and the second to  EDIRIS.

Created in 2013 and jointly funded on a equal basis by the École Polytechnique Foundation and the Friends of École Polytechnique, the Foundation’s sister organization based in the United States, the X-Grant Silicon Valley prize is designed to support the School’s ambitions in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Launched in 2018, the X-HEC Entrepreneurs master's degree, a multidisciplinary program has established itself in less than three years as the benchmark in France in terms of entrepreneurial education. It has just set up a Steering Committee to support and structure its development.

You will find below a presentation of the three winning start-ups.

Escape, founded by Antoine Carossio (Class X2016) and Tristan Kalos (ENSTA Paris), both graduates of the Master X-HEC Entrepreneurs, is an API protection automation solution using artificial intelligence. The development of the Cloud brings major changes in the cyber management of companies. In the past, infrastructure and application security processes were handled by specific teams. Now, new approaches are putting application security in the hands of developers. Escape is developing a tool to secure their applications and API (Applications Programming Interface) based on the creation of a “minimal digital twin” containing only the data useful for simulating computer attacks.

Flyinstinct, founded by Arthur Ni (Class X2005), is digital inspection platform to detect debris on airport runways. The start-up has developed a digital inspection platform allowing the detection in real time of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) with a minimum diameter of 2 cm present on the runways and capable of cause serious damage. To meet this security challenge, it offers airports the option to equip their inspection vehicles with smart cameras linked to software incorporating a machine learning algorithm. The data collected also enables airports to perform predictive maintenance on their runways. Flyinstinct now employs 12 people and has launched the global commercialization of its platform, which is already used by Paris-Orly and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airports.

EDIRIS, created in 2019  by Kristian Kredatus (HEC 2021), Simeon Kredatus, and Štefan Kredatus, develops a technology to optimize farm animal nutrition using artificial intelligence. The start-up optimizes the nutrition of farm animals by using advanced automatic learning to analyze cow gas produced inside the barn. It then increases milk production, reduces emissions, and increases animal welfare.