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L’X positioned 37th in the “Engineering and technology” ranking of the THE

École Polytechnique is among the top “Engineering and Technology” universities according to the ranking published by the Times Higher Education on 11 November 2015. L’X is ranked 37th worldwide and is also the first French institution of the ranking before ENS Lyon (ranked 93rd).

École Polytechnique appears among the world's top universities in the "Engineering and Technology " 2015-2016 ranking published by the Times Higher Education (THE) on 11 November 2015. L’X is positioned on the 37th place and is the first of the French institutions of the ranking in front of ENS Lyon ranked 93rd.

According to this ranking, Stanford, Caltech and MIT are the three best institutions in the world. 31 out of 100 top universities are located in the US and 9 in the UK. The first 3 ranked universities in Europe are Cambridge (4th), Oxford ( 5th) and ETH Zurich (8th).

Times Higher Education takes into account five criteria in this ranking:

> Education (reputation survey, ratio team/students, number of PhDs and rewarded PhDs, institutional revenues);

> Research (reputation survey, revenues related to research, research productivity);

> Quotations (influence of the produced research measured by an indicator based on the bibliometric data Elsevier);

> International Perspectives (number of the foreign students and foreign staff, international collaborations);

> Revenue from the industry (the university’s ability to help the industry through the transfer of knowledge).

In addition, the Times Higher Education (THE) has also published its employability ranking in which École Polytechnique is positioned on the 36th place among the world's top 150 universities.