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The 7th class of the X-UP start-up accelerator

On April 16, six new start-ups joined École Polytechnique's accelerator for a six-month period. These start-ups are ready to innovate in the areas of education, robotics or Blockchain technology. An overview on their innovative projects.

Agathe ID. Co-founded by Charlène Nemson and Ulrich Tan, the start-up Agate ID uses blockchain technology to develop a secure system for managing digital identities.

BeautyMix. Founded by Nelly Pitt, BeautyMix develops a connected robot that enables its users to control the composition and quality of their cosmetics by manufacturing them themselves.

Bmotion. Bmotion develops a musical rehabilitation tool for dyslexic children. The start-up is co-founded by François Vonthron and Kenneth Burns.

Orok. Co-founded by Tanguy Espinasse and William Lambert, Orok aimes to offer solutions allowing to automate baggage routing through robotic logistics processes.

Ubique. Ubique is an exhaustive gamification platform for occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Ali Azadi is at the origin of this start-up.

Unsupervised.ai. Co-founded by Clément Jambou and Alexis Theallier, Unsupervised.ai develops and manufactures robots to automate delivery. These robots can, thanks to their robotic legs, move autonomously in urban environment and automatically up and down a truck.

The next call for applications inviting to join the X-Up Accelerator will open on June 18, 2018.