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Antoine Georges winner of the Aneesur Rahman Prize for Digital Physics 2020

Professor at the Collège de France and Director of the Flatiron Institute's Centre de physique quantique numérique, Antoine Georges (class X 1980) is also a professor at the École Polytechnique.

Antoine Georges winner of the Aneesur Rahman Prize for Digital Physics 2020

The Aneesur Rahman Prize has been awarded since 1993 by the American Physical Society in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of digital physics. It pays tribute to the memory of Aneesur Rahman, a pioneer in molecular dynamics, a numerical simulation technique used to model the evolution of a particle system over time. Antoine Georges, professor at École Polytechnique, shares the 2020 award with Gabriel Kotliar from Rutgers University.

This prize rewards the work of Antoine Georges and Gabriel Kotliar in the development of the theoretical approach of the dynamical mean field, which has led to decisive advances in the understanding of materials with high quantum correlation, such as superconducting copper oxides and nanostructured materials.

Born in 1961 in Paris, Antoine Georges studied at the École polytechnique (class of 1980) and joined the ENS Physics Laboratory, where he defended his thesis in 1988. He remained in this laboratory until 2003, as a lecturer and then as a research director. In 2003, he created a research team at the Theoretical Physics Center of École Polytechnique on the physics of materials with strong quantum correlations. He is a professor at École polytechnique and chaired the physics department from 2006 to 2009. Antoine Georges was appointed professor at the Collège de France in 2009 (chair of condensed matter physics).