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Art and science: when plasmas are in the spotlight

The Laboratory of Excellence Plas@Par, integrating researchers from the Laboratory of Plasma Physics (LPP) and the Laboratory for the Use of Intense Lasers (LULI), mixes Art and Science in a complete program that will end in apotheosis on April 7 and 8 at the Center Georges Pompidou.

Plasmas are everywhere around us: this fluid of ionized particles, which is also called the fourth state of matter, represents 99% of the visible universe. Although it is observable in the natural environment thanks to aurora borealis, stars or lightning, plasma is an object of scientific studies as its properties present interests for many applications, the production of energy in the manufacture of integrated circuits, lighting, health, safety, the environment or even agronomy.

As part of the investments for the future, the community of researchers working in this field has gathered in a laboratory of excellence, Labex Plas@Par, in order to conduct research at the highest level and develop teaching and scientific mediation actions. Within this Labex, many researchers agree that "plasma" has also an impact on modern and contemporary artistic creation.

Thanks to an unprecedented collaboration with the Center Pompidou, these links between the arts and sciences are in the spotlight around the notions of ionized matter and light-matter interactions. Invited to a sensitive and sensory journey, the public, being itself an actor, has a chance to immerse into a broad program of scientific and cultural mediation. School visits, students' and teachers' workshops, artists' performances and many other actions have been carried out since January 2018. The program will end in apotheosis with a festive and free weekend on 7 and 8 April at the Center Georges Pompidou, inviting everyone to discover this subject of scientific and artistic study.