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« Binet Latino » École Polytechnique’s student association

Binet Latino is École Polytechnique's student association created in order to bring together Latin-American students of l’X and to represent Latin-American countries at École Polytechnique.

Binet Latino divulges Latin-American culture and shares the values of the South-American countries represented at L’X. Its missions also include the integration of Latin-American Ingénieur Polytechnicien students.  Nowadays the only country represented within the association is Brazil; nevertheless the president of Binet Latino believes that the member list of the association will soon become more diversified. 

The activity of Binet Latino includes there branches: Latin-American culture divulgation, linguistic activities, and integration issues. The association organizes cultural events such as Brazilian thematic diner “Soirée Forro”, partly sponsored by X-Forum association, with home-made feijoada (national Brazilian dish) prepared by students, Brazilian music and forro master-class. The student association is always happy to invite other institutions like ENSTA, Centrale Paris and other schools from the ParisTech group, to participate in such kind of soirées; furthermore, members of Brazilian community in Parisian region are welcome as well. Binet Latino also gives linguistic support to French classmates studying Portuguese. Every language learner has a personal tutor and meets him weekly in order to practice and progress. Moreover, the integration of Brazilian students’ is imperative for the association. Nowadays there are seventeen “Compadres” responsible to share their experience with the new arrivals, coming from major Brazilian universities such as USP, UFRJ, ITA, and Unicamp among others, and give them all possible support.  Moreover and naturally, the association regularly organizes football matches and even” imitates” the World Cup inviting the other countries’ teams.

Gabriel Nahas is responsible for the digital project “Brasil na X”, Binet Latino’s main project for 2016. Brasil na X is a web site completely developed by students, aimed to introduce l’X to young Brazilians wishing to enter École Polytechnique and to transmit the spirit of this French Grande École. Ingénieur Polytechnicien Brazilians give helpful pieces of advice regarding the entrance examination, visa procedures, grant possibilities existing at l’X and answer all the questions coming from their compatriots. Gabriel confesses that Binet Latino is happy to transmit their proudness of l’X, a well-known brand in the world. Their goal is also to help the compatriots to realize the same dream that came already true for these Ingénieur Polytechniciens.

Eduardo Figueiredo Mota Diniz Costa, Binet Latino President, remembers that not that long ago the aim was to “reactive” the association and to show the strength of the Latin-american students at l'X. He structures the responsibilities in an horizontal hierarchical way, appreciating excellent teamwork existing today within the association.

Both Gabriel, today specialized in chemical engineering, and Eduardo, specialized in mining engineering, learned about l’X at their home university USP thanks to the presentations made by École Polytechnique’s alumni. They followed some French classes at USP before entering l’X, but the full integration into the language and the culture happened on the spot, on the campus of l’X. At the end of their studies at École Polytechnique they will both return to Brazil in order to finish their curriculum at USP in the framework of the double-degree program that exists between l’X and its Brazilian partner. Eduardo considers his professional project in economy and aims to work for the Central Bank of Brazil. Attracted by the environmental sciences, Gabriel foresees a PhD abroad. He enjoys the international student experience and lives it as an every-day adventure.

The vocation of Binet Latino, according to Eduardo and Gabriel, is to continue Latin-American Ingénieur Polytechniciens’ traditions. They give example of an annual Barbecue meeting gathering every year Brazilian students and alumni on the campus, living today around the world.