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Drahi X Novation Center: The ten Demoday start-ups

Ten start-ups pitched their projects to business angels, investment funds and potential partners at the Drahi X Novation Center's Demoday on March 24th. Five of them are coming from the 12th class of the X-Up incubator and five are part of the l’X innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Le visuel du Demoday X-Up 12

Ten start-ups from the 12th class of the Drahi X Novation Center's X-Up incubator or from the X start-up ecosystem presented their projects to business angels, investment funds and potential partners on March 24th. These ten technology-intensive start-ups operate in the fields of health, energy, software publishing, sports and fashion.

The five start-ups of the 12th X-Up class:

* Alyx assists professional sports clubs in optimizing key dimensions of their development: ticketing management, which is their first or second source of revenue, depending on their size, and their sports performance. The progression of the activity on the first axis has allowed the start-up to reach financial self-sufficiency and the necessary investments for the second axis led it to seek external financing. Alyx benefits from the DeepTech label of the French state investment bank Bpi France.

* Epilab develops and brings a platform for rapid and portable diagnosis of infectious diseases. The start-up has developed a portable diagnostic test for tuberculosis, the leading cause of infectious death in the world. This easy-to-use and reliable test is positioned at the base of the health pyramid, preceding more accurate but also more expensive tests.

* RunBlind aims to guide people in their movements thanks to 3D sound technology. The start-up makes the most of the research work carried out by the Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées of the École Polytechnique. This technology has notably allowed visually impaired or blind people to practice running. RunBlind is the winner of the "My Gallileo Solution Award” from the European Agency GSA in partnership with Thalès Alenia Aerospace.

* SubR Technologies is developing a portable, clean energy marine power plant for emergency and disaster relief. The start-up was a finalist of the European Venture Program 2020.

* Konatus' goal is to become the leader of a SaaS-based software solution for program and project portfolio management. This solution is intended for companies that manage their development in project mode and are organized in matrices.

The five start-ups from l’X innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem:

* Visionairy aims to automate quality control on all production lines of the industry, where they are still mostly performed by operators, who detect possible defects on parts just with the naked eye. Visionairy provides a kit made up of a camera and a software that allows the detection of visual defects on parts as close as possible to the production line.

* Lumedix , created in July 2018, is a spin-off of two research laboratories of École Polytechnique. It exploits a proprietary technology based on rare-earth-based crystalline luminescent nanoparticles that provide a 10- to 500-fold gain in the minimum detectable concentrations of biological molecules of medical interest (biomarkers, viruses, bacteria) for in vitro diagnostic tests while also enabling the quantification of these molecules and the possibility of analyzing several dozen molecules at the same time in any type of biological sample.

* Ummon HealthTech develops artificial intelligence software for oncology to support physicians throughout the oncology process, from screening to diagnosis and treatment. The start-up, founded in June 2020, has developed the UMMON software that enables automatic analysis of cervical cancer screening and diagnostic tests by analyzing smear and biopsy images.

* EVA Engines provides fashion brands and their designers with a digital platform to create and share product views from a sketch with generative AI. The solution developed by the start-up allows brands to reduce their production of physical prototypes, reduce their costs and production time by becoming more responsible. Eva Engines also offers brands and modeling agencies an AI search engine to identify and distribute their models.

* Adlin Science contributes to the development of precision medicine by enabling researchers to easily manage and analyze their multi-omics data (genomics, epigenetics, proteomics... covering all intracellular mechanisms).