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École Polytechnique greets 800 secondary school students to promote social diversity

Almost 800 high secondary school pupils mainly from underprivileged backgrounds and rural areas were greeted at École Polytechnique on November 30 for an event organized with Les Entretiens de l’Excellence to promote social diversity and ensure equal opportunity.

Près de 800 collégiens et lycéens accueillis à l’X à l’occasion des Entretiens de l’Excellence, le samedi 30 novembre 2019.

The event organized by École Polytechnique’s Diversity and Success Center in partnership with the non-profit organization “Les Entretiens de l’Excellence” gave the participants the opportunity to meet and to talk to professionnals from various horizons during workshops. They listened to testimonials and were advised on the pathways to excellence in the French higher education system and potential career developments.

Double the number of scholarship students by 2024

École Polytechnique is already highly committed to the promotion of social, cultural and gender diversity with a large array of actions and events involving 5.000 youngsters and more than 200 of its students annually. It is committed to double the number of scholarship students by 2024.

In order to meet this objective, set in the report on social diversity submitted by Eric Labaye, president of École Polytechnique, to the French minister of the Armed Forces and the minister for Higher Education, l’X will intensify its existing human development courses, tutoring and mentoring actions to reach more than 20.000 young pupils by 2022. 

--> L’X submits its report on social diversity

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The Diversity and Success Center (Pôle Diversité et Réussite, or PDR) coordinates activities which seek to diversify the French higher education system, including École Polytechnique, in areas such as social equality, gender equality, and accessibility for the disabled.
“Les Entretiens de l'Excellence” is a non-profit organization, labelled by the French ministry of Education, aiming at encouraging and mentoring students who want to choose a path of excellence, but who do not dare to do so, or ignore the ways and means. It seeks to restore equality of opportunity, overcome the condition of failure by access to information and fight against self-censorship for instance.