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École Polytechnique launches a website in celebration of its 225th anniversary

École Polytechnique reveals a website dedicated to its 225th anniversary. Launched on March 11, 2019, this website highlights l’X in “225 short tales”, presenting key events of its history, its heritage, illustrious alumni, philanthropists, research, teaching and innovation, and scientific subjects on which the school is at the forefront.

For 225 years, École Polytechnique has contributed to science and economic and human development. The website commemorating the 225th anniversary of l’X allows the public to discover the many facets of the institution through 225 stories. These stories allow users to immerse themselves in the work of science pioneer Sophie Germain, to understand the current challenges around artificial intelligence and to discover the different contributions that l’X has made over time to defending its Nation, to sports, to industry or to the arts. This narrative, infographic and video content pays tribute to the many achievements made by École Polytechnique and its community over the years.

Eric Labaye, President of École Polytechnique: Since its creation, École Polytechnique has had, among its alumni and professors, numerous scientists, captains of industry, and high-ranking government officials, whose legacy lives on. For our 225th anniversary, we have decided to showcase a number of our key achievements through 225 short tales on the school. They present our most distinguished members who have contributed to society with discoveries that have made history, and which still have an impact on the science and innovation of today. We also highlight the major events that have shaped the evolution of our institution, its heritage, its patrons, and its achievements in the school’s three strategic pillars of teaching, research and entrepreneurship. You are invited to discover the cutting-edge research being carried out at l’X across all areas of rapid growth, including data science, bio-engineering, the Internet of Things, healthcare and biotechnology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and sustainable development, all of which represent major challenges for the next 225 years. Through this website, École Polytechnique reaffirms its ambition to understand and change the world of today as well as that of tomorrow.”