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Grand cru start-ups

On the occasion of the Wine Festival customarily held at the start of the school year, École Polytechnique would like to honor two innovative start-ups in the wine sector.

In France, the traditional Wine Festival is in full swing. For the occasion, École Polytechnique highlights two start-ups created by l’X alumni and PhD students, which are reinventing the field of wine production, using mathematics and data science.

Fruition Sciences

The company, Fruition Sciences, founded by Sébastien Payen (Year of Entry: 1998) and his associate, Thibaut Scholasch, provides wine producers and experts with a decision support tool for optimization of quality and yield in grape production. Their online platform allows growers and enologists to connect all the data from the vineyard, assisting them in their irrigation, fertilization and harvest decisions. Thanks to this cross-reference of all available data, grape farmers can obtain an improved, real-time view of the state of their vines, optimize resources and control production.

Paola Fedou, Ingénieur Polytechnicien student, interning at Fruition Sciences
"I spent five months at Fruition Sciences, working as a data scientist in Napa Valley, California. I had the opportunity to set up predictive models for vine maturity, using machine learning, and create and develop tools for visualization and synthesis of the gathered wine data. Through this internship, I also discovered the potential of satellite imagery. I have been on the X-HEC-Berkeley Entrepreneurship Master’s Program since the start of the year as part of my fourth year of study, and I plan to launch a project on analysis of satellite imagery for agriculture."


SmartOeno gives the possibility to characterize a wine without the need to open the bottle or sample it, for purposes of authentication or quality control. This project, developed by Vera Pukhkoy, a PhD graduate of École Polytechnique, is the first case of applying an innovative process that brings together spectroscopy and computational statistics. This type of process offers many applications that cover a wide range of needs in the food and pharmaceutical industries.