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The laser-plasma accelerators

Victor Malka, CNRS Research Director at the Applied Optics Laboratory at École Polytechnique presents in this "Labshot" his work on the laser-plasma accelerators.

This second "Labshot" is about laser-plasma accelerators. Victor Malka, CNRS Research Director at the Applied Optics Laboratory (Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée – joint research unit between CNRS, ENSTA ParisTech, École Polytechnique) works on laser-plasma accelerators that have potential applications in radiotherapy, in medical imaging and in materials’ science.

Victor Malka already obtained four grants from the European Research Council (ERC), two ‘Advanced’ Grants, and two ‘Proof of Concept’ Grants.
In March 2015, Victor Malka and his team were thus awarded a ‘Proof of Concept’ Grant for their work on the development of innovative technologies for cancer detection at an early stage. In September 2013, the Research Director had also received an ‘Advanced’ Grant for the project “X-Five”.

"Labshot" videos present the research conducted in École Polytechnique 22 laboratories. Scientists from École Polytechnique Research Center have three minutes to present one aspect of their work, how it is done in their laboratory and the possible applications. A new "Labshot" video will be put online every 2 month.