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Lecture on energy transition in Sub Saharan Africa and Renewable energies

Valérie Levkov, Senior VP Africa and Middle East at EDF will speak about energy transition in Sub Saharan Africa and Renewable energies for the lecture series on energy and environment organized at l'X.


Sub Saharan Africa is facing huge challenges to tackle its electrification’s need: fast track deployment, low cost and low consumption solutions, sustainable for both rural and ultra-urban areas and of course low CO2 emissions energy mix. With more than 600 millions of people with no access to electricity these challenges will not be achieved without disruptive schemes.

Telecommunication sector, through the fast and spectacular spread of mobile phone in Africa has paved the way for a new era in the electricity sector. The decrease of costs in the solar panel industry allied with the development of competitive battery based solutions will also help the electricity sector in Africa to accelerate its energy transition.

Today, many start-ups, mainly based in eastern Africa, are proposing digitalized, distributed, low cost solutions based on solar PV. It is our ambition to accompany some of them with our core values, such as proximity to our clients and respect to our people, and our forces, such as scale effect and innovative financing solutions.

In parallel, of course Africa still needs large generation capacity to be built such as hydro power plants. For these assets, the main challenge for project developers is a clear and sustainable governance of the electricity sectors.

Thanks to its experience, EDF, a leading energy Group, innovates in all the different fields (technical, financial, human) to address Africa’s needs.

Practical information:

> Lecture "Energy transition in Sub Saharan Africa and Renewable energies" - Monday, September 18, 2017 at 4pm - Becquerel Lecture Hall

The Coriolis lectures are meant for everyone to understand without need of a huge scientific background. The conference lasts for about 45 minutes and is followed by questions with the spokesperson.
This lecture is open to everyone: researchers from all fields, students, PhDs, post-docs, staff members, visitors.

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