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"A lifetime of science": a new brand film of École Polytechnique

L'X introduced its new brand film “A lifetime of science” that deals with the story of a little girl curious and enthusiast about science, who manages to fulfill her childhood dream: pursue a scientific career. With the motto “A lifetime of science”, this video is intended to remind that since 1794, l'X is dedicated to science and innovation.

What are your first memories about science? During this short video, École Polytechnique immerses you in the childhood nostalgia, full of dreams and discoveries. The spectator is immersed in the atmosphere of the 1970’s: he discovers a little girl, full of curiosity and ingenuity.

Scientific curiosity at the center of the film

This child launches herself into in a range of experiences with the help of everyday objects in order to fulfill her dream, create a spacesuit. The little girl redoubles her efforts to create a spacesuit emerged of her imagination by drawing, measuring or observing the reactions of her experiences in front of her “bathtub-laboratory” or a fireplace. She'll keep her passion for science throughout her life and will make her “childhood dream” reality by opting for a scientific career.

A brand film inspired by true stories 

This scenario is based on real stories told by scientists from the research center of l’X. On the occasion of publishing their portraits in the 2016 annual report, researchers of l'X remembered their first experiences related to science. “A lifetime of science” pays tribute to these childhood stories full of carelessness and creativity.

An invitation to pursue a scientific career

This video is an invitation to follow one’s dreams and to realize projects. l’X addresses to all: engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs… Curiosity, ingenuity and perseverance prevail throughout the story as the shared values of scientists dedicated to create the world of tomorrow.

Moreover, the experience of this little girl highlights the importance to incite young women to pursue scientific careers and necessity to empower them to realize their vocations.

A campaign on social media

A social media campaign “Tell us about your science memories” will start on December 14 in order to remind people the importance of the contribution of science in our society.

The community of l'X involved in the project

The Martian spacesuit that appears in the last scene of this video, filmed in the Interdisciplinary Center for Microscopy Electronic transmission of École Polytechnique, is the result of an experience carried out in the framework of a collective scientific project by a group of the third year Ingénieur Polytechnicien students.

Key facts

Film-making: Fabien Ecochard

Production: Troublemakers.tv

Music: original music of Josette Music Club « Come on and get it »

Original idea: Communications Directorate of École Polytechnique, editorial department (Maëlle Becuwe and Samantha Gaudfrin)