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L’X creates a Research Chair for the study of semiconductors

L’X announced on Thursday, February 1, 2018, that the university would be setting up the ANR Pistol Industrial Research Chair alongside CNRS and Total. This Chair hopes to encourage the development of new plasma treatment processes for semiconductors, with the goal of uncovering new applications in photovoltaics and microelectronics.

On Thursday, February 1, École Polytechnique announced the creation of the ANR Pistol Industrial Research Chair in association with the French National Agency for Research (ANR), CNRS and Total. The Chair is directed by Erik Johnson, a CNRS researcher who has been working at the École Polytechnique Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films for the past four years.
Its main objectives focus on plasma treatment processes for semiconductors. Plasma-based processes are techniques with wide use in industry. They are applied to the controlled growth of materials, for example for flat screens, photovoltaics or sensors, as well as having applications for high-quality engraving in microelectronics, due to the ability to maintain uniformity on large surfaces.

Looking toward a new generation for sensors and screens

In this context, Pistol’s goal is to improve these processes by adding an element of selectivity in terms of surface and depth, either to obtain a specific style of semiconductor or to apply a specific treatment to a precise area. This implicates significant advances in applications for photovoltaics, microelectronics, and new generations of sensors and screens. On the long term, the Pistol Industrial Research Chair aims to reduce production costs and facilitate the development of new avenues for research in the innovative manufacture of electronic components.
Pistol’s scientific research will mainly be taking place in École Polytechnique’s Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films. Here, researchers will benefit from scientific equipment installed by the teams from Total at the Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France (IPVF) located in Palaiseau.