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L'X launches a MOOC on how to write and publish a scientific paper

A MOOC on how to write and publish a scientific paper, conceived by PhD candidates from École Polytechnique, is available on Coursera since February 29th 2016. This MOOC is perfect for PhD or graduate students coming from any field, to help them deal with these issues.

How to write an article and publish it in Nature or Science? The MOOC in English "How to write a scientific paper", conceived by seven PhD candidates from École Polytechnique, which opened on February 29th, 2016, on the American platform Coursera, deals with this exact issue.
To help graduate and PhD students who want to see their work published, six PhD candidates from the Center for Management Studies and a PhD candidate from the Moleculary Chemistry Laboratory designed an online class focusing on the writing and the publication of a scientific paper. To do so, Mattias Mano, one of the PhD candidates, managed the pedagogical team constituted of Ariadna Anisimov, Héloïse Berkowitz, Mathias Guérineau, Arnaud Jaoul, Haruki Sawamura and Alexandre Viard. Mathis Plapp, senior scientist at CNRS, supervised the scientific content.

The MOOC is composed of four sections. The first one focuses on the context and the functioning of scientific journals. In the second part, the class provides advices on how to frame a research project. In the third section, the course describes the structure of an article and the use of concrete bibliographical tools such as Zotero. Finally, students will learn how to build a tool, the check list that they have to use before sending their article to a journal.
The MOOC is taught in English, available on Coursera since February 29th, 2016. Access to the content is free but learners can pay for the cerficate.

Pioneer in terms of MOOCs, École Polytechnique was the first French institution to offer online courses on the American platform Coursera in 2013. Since then, eleven courses have been created and École Polytechnique continues to develop its offer with more than twenty new MOOCs currently under production. Over 60,000 learners, coming from all around the word, have already followed a MOOC from l'X.

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