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L’X in tune with women entrepreneurs

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, this March 8, École Polytechnique places the spotlight on three start-ups founded by women—Lili.ai, Medilinx and Uniris—all of which are evolving within the School’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

More and more women are embarking on adventures in entrepreneurship. Since 2015, 163 million women globally have set up their own business, according to a study published last September by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Among them, four businesswomen have passed through École Polytechnique, either as students or by following the start-up Acceleration and Incubation programs.

Milie Taing, Co-founder of Lili.ai

The start-up, Lili.ai, co-founded by Milie Taing and supported by the X-Tech Incubator at École Polytechnique, uses artificial intelligence applied to project management to make life easier for businesses. She has developed a virtual assistant for decision support that is simultaneously capable of following projects run by the company, detecting risk sources and optimizing task prioritization. The algorithms, based on automatic language processing, produced their first results on past data by identifying past risks, and reconstituting a chronology of overspending and of interactions between various parties. Meanwhile, a platform enables teams to document a project’s timescale in a structured, centralized and intuitive manner. The ultimate goal is to send the right information to the right person at the right time. In its developmental stage, Lili.ai has been collaborating with researchers from the mathematics laboratories of École Polytechnique. It is also one of the latest two French start-ups to be in line for the prestigious IBM Watson A.I. XPRIZE. The results of this four-year-long competition will be announced in 2020.

Alice Duranteau and Anne-Charlotte Philbert, Founders of Medilinx

The Medilinx start-up—created by Alice Duranteau and Anne-Charlotte Philbert, graduates of the l’X "Technological Innovation: Engineering and Entrepreneurship" Master’s program—is intended for foreign patients who do not have access to quality healthcare. It takes into account lack of specific expertise in the target country, as well as overly long waiting times or high expenses. Its dual-interface platform correlates French medical expertise with growing need that foreign patients have for quality care. Medilinx aims firstly to provide patients with all the information on the disease in question, a list of doctors with strong expertise in dealing with the required treatment, and also comprehensive, personalized support. Secondly, the tool acts as a doctor’s organizational aid, allowing for holistic management in processing requests. The platform takes care of all logistics regarding both the patient’s trip to France and their medical visit.

Aina Roaseta, Co-founder of Uniris

Uniris, a start-up that completed the X-Up Acceleration program in March, provides a solution that creates a tamper-proof digital identity for every human and every machine. The innovation of the product brings together an unforgeable biometric device that is as reliable as a DNA test and a new generation of unlimited, unbreakable blockchain technology. Uniris’ technology was developed by three founders, Sébastien Dupont, Aina Raoseta and Christophe Bruno, and is backed up by 11 patents. It offers endless applications for physical and computer authentication, secure communications, management of connected objects, finance services (e.g. cashless payment), electronic voting, health data management, all while ensuring user privacy. This project is fully in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and with the desire for humanity to take back control from technology.